“Whenever personal arms have fallen out of fashion, society has become something no sane person would consider worth defending. The same thing happens to individual: they start rotting too, becoming helpless, disdaining to lift a finger because it's 'beneath them'. They're no longer fit to live and are simply proving that they know it!”
by L. Neil Smith




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just what i need

Another webcomic to follow…

All joking aside, if you like firearms (and, let us be honest, you are reading this site), you will probably find something to like about Failure to Fire (caution, not necessarily safe for work, depending on where you work). The good news is that it is not very old so there is not much material to catch up on. The bad news is that it is not very old so there is not that much material to read.

Coincidentally, these are the same two folks providing the brainpower to Two Lumps, a webcomic that Blue and Pixel, both sporting at least a plurality of Russian Blue genes, approve of. I had no idea they were gunnies…

(Found by way of a man who frequently puts fried butt hair to his cheek. Yes, I am jealous.)

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  • […] Even better is the fact that I discovered Failure to Fire comics by this post at Walls of The City. […]

  • Heya! Thanks for the link! And yes, Mel and I are both avid shooters. We’re not doing a ton of cross promotion between FTF and Two Lumps because we know that gun lovers!=cat lovers automatically, and vice versa. But there is a little bit of crossover, it seems.

  • Not a problem; happy to help, both because I know the quality of your work, and because you are a fellow gun owner.

    And as you can see from my email, the cat + gun + Browncoat Venn Diagram overlap exists too ;).

  • Heh. Gun owners? Well, yes. But closer to Gun Nuts, as our collection as of late is pushing the boundary toward “arsenal.”

  • Bah. Until you are within striking distance of Jay G. (and I am not even sure he knows how many firearms he has these days), you cannot truly assume the mantle of “gun nut”.

    “Arsenal”, though, at least according to the media, only requires two or more things-that-look-like firearms, so you are probably good on that count ;).

  • MAJ Mike

    Heh!! Added “Failure” to my Favorites list. Much truth therein.

  • Indeed :). We have all seen people like those he has characterized…