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james yeager proves his cowardice

Courtesy of a comment over at ENDO, I have discovered that James Yeager has made his "James Yeager is a coward?" video private and unviewable by the unwashed masses. In other words, he ran away from the impressively colorful conversations breaking out in the comments section of the video; one can hardly blame him, though, considering the number of large, strapping young men who took him up on his offer.

I guess that answers his own question. In the affirmative.

In other news, a lawyer actually considered taking Yeager up on his offer, but decided that getting stuck in middle Tennessee when Yeager wussed out was not in her best interests. I would quote from her article, but you really need to read the whole thing, if only for her all-too-appropriate modifications of James’ last name.

6 comments to james yeager proves his cowardice

  • dave w

    jamesyeagerisacoward.com is still available, can you believe it? As are most others.
    I cant find a .run .hide or .chicken domain though :/

  • Is there an “.sy” domain extension? Because I totally would reserve something if there was…

    … Aaaand I just discovered that is Syria’s domain, and we have sanctions against using it. Figures.

  • MAJMike

    Are we surprised? He appears to be a former thug-with-a-badge who is now a former wannabe operator. The badest asses I’ve known were the quiet, polite ones. This clown is just another load-mouthed douche.

    If he’s interested, I live in Texas and have had a CCL since 1996.

  • Oh, I am not at all surprised… I just believe in beating a point into a squishy paste.

    Yeager threatening to murder people over online name-calling should be a character defect that will follow him for the rest of his days. Posts like this one will guarantee that.

  • Oakenheart

    tipstotbi @ tn.gov

    Perhaps they can find something to charge him with. It’s most certainly illegal in TN to solicit a duel.

    Or possibly a mental health hold? Because Yeager is nuts, no doubt.

  • Oooh, now there is an idea. If nothing else, one has to wonder if the Great State of Tennessee is comfortable with the notion of one of their HCP course teachers challenging other Americans to a duel…