“Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”
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james yeager is a coward

… and a disgrace to the great state of Tennessee, unfortunately.

No, the title of this post does not stem from James Yeager’s questionable behavior during his time in Iraq – I was not there, and I cannot comment on it – but rather his recent behavior here, in these United States.

To begin with, James Yeager is voluntarily on-record as saying he will "break your f—–g back" if you call him a coward to his face. I am fairly certain that all of my readership graduated high school, and are probably more than familiar with the alpha-male bullies that tended to roam the halls of those fine institutions. I am also fairly certain that all of my readership is more than aware that those immature children are, almost invariably, intellectual lightweights and cowards to boot, and attempt to cover up both deficiencies by exhibiting offensive levels of bluster, aggression, and domineering attitudes.

So, tell me, what does someone who makes violent threats from behind the safety of his video camera remind you of?

Moving forward, James Yeager has offered to pay whatever travel expenses you need to go to Camden, Tennessee, and call him a coward to his face. He clarified:

It will be a one way “E-ticket” so no paper ticket will be mailed. I will need your full name and date of birth for the ticket. There will be no need for a hotel.

Apparently James Yeager means to follow through on his threat to break people’s backs; why else would you only need a one-way ticket and not need a hotel room? Even more apparently, James Yeager feels he has something to prove, otherwise why would he go out of his way to entice people to him so he could break their backs? What does he feel insecure about? What is he compensating for? What does he think he has to make up for with blind, inchoate rage?

I wonder.

And just in case you were unclear on exactly what James Yeager is threatening to do, here are his exact words in a phone conversation with a /k/ denizen:

So why don’t you step up to the f—–g plate, like I f—–g asked you to, and come and say it to my f—–g face so I can f—–g kill you?

I must admit, with four years of Navy service under my belt, I am sorely unimpressed with Yeager’s wholly unimaginative, repetitive, and clumsy attempts at profanity. But that is besides the point.

jamesyeagerisacowardIf nothing else, we are well into the realm of "The lady doth protest too much, methinks", but even looking past that brief literary aside, does a person who threatens to murder (and, yes, what James Yeager describes is unquestionably murder, as we will get to in a moment) another human being over name-calling strike you as a particularly courageous individual? Would such a person be brave? Would such a person be so much as responsible, rational, or even reasonable?

I dare say not. In fact, I would go so far as to describe a person who threatens to murder other people over being called a name as a "coward", along with "bully", "thug", "sociopath", and a raft of other wholly-appropriate-and-accurate terms. He is too afraid and too insecure to man up and go on with his life while ignoring his detractors, so he instead tries to intimidate them into silence with threats of unlawful violence. Hell with that.

And speaking of unlawful violence, I will give Tennessee credit – they make it very clear what is and what is not a "self-defense" situation. The important things to note is that accurately calling James Yeager a "coward" is not "using or attempting to use unlawful force" against him, and even if it were, he has already repeatedly "consented to the exact force used or attempted by the other individual", per his incessant videos and comments on the topic. In other words, if he does kill someone for daring to call him a "coward", he will be incapable of claiming self-defense with any degree of credibility.

On the other hand, Tennessee also makes it quite clear what first-degree murder is:

A premeditated and intentional killing of another

Now, I am not a lawyer, and I make absolutely no claim at having a solid understanding of all these laws and how they interact, but so far as I can tell, Yeager has already demonstrated premeditation and intent to kill someone who dares call him a "coward". My understanding is that he has to demonstrate premeditation and intent to kill a specific person for this to be 100% applicable, rather than anyone who does X, but then we just get down to second degree murder: "A knowing killing of another." Given his mercenary background, I dare say Yeager would have a hard time arguing that he did not know he was killing a person while he was doing so.

Speaking more generally, I have to wonder if the Federal Bureau of Investigation would be interested that James Yeager was making telephonic threats… if the /k/ denizen was not in Tennessee, it seems as though things could get a touch complicated.

So why am I poking the unbalanced whackjob when I do not care about what happened on Route Irish and have absolutely no intentions of ever taking a class with or from that sociopathic imbecile? Well, on the one hand, I find myself in the unfortunate position of having to share a state with him, and having to share a culture with him, and it is always a good idea to distance yourself from such albatrosses as this nimrod.

But, more importantly, I hope this post serves as a warning to those folks who do consider taking classes from him. James Yeager may be the best thing to happen to firearm training since Colonel Jeff Cooper himself, but the simple fact is Yeager is threatening to murder someone over being called a name. Is that really the kind of person you want teaching you or anyone you know about the lawful use of force, the deadly force triangle, stand your ground, castle doctrine, or anything even remotely related to lawfully carrying and employing a firearm in civilized society? Or, worse yet, do you want this violent school-yard-bully who never actually grew up, only got bigger, and his various threatening YouTube videos to be presented as evidence at your self-defense trial as the person who taught you how to gun down that choir boy who was just asking for change for a pay phone?

Think about it.

(And this is all without even beginning to touch on James Yeager’s patently unsafe history of putting photographers downrange during live-fire drills and dickish backstabbing of folks who lawfully exercise their rights in a fashion he does not like.)

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  • See also: Tennessee’s anti-dueling statute and mutual combat.

    I’m posting this from my phone so I can’t look it up, but basically if anyone ever takes him up on it, and either one of them gets hurt, there can be no claim of self defense.

  • Hm, the only mention of duels I can find in TN state code is Article IX, Section 3:

    Any person who shall, after the adoption of this Constitution, fight a duel, or knowingly be the bearer of a challenge to fight a duel, or send or accept a challenge for that purpose, or be an aider or abettor in fighting a duel, shall be deprived of the right to hold any office of honor or profit in this State, and shall be punished otherwise, in such manner as the Legislature may prescribe.

    Yeah, that would seem to indicate he would be SOL.

    “Mutual combat” does not seem to return anything, and “combat” itself returns far too much. Either way, Yeager is off his damned nut.

  • As he did actually go and serve, which does take a level of bravery beyond normal, I wouldn’t call the man a coward, to his face or not. I would call him a massive tool and a douchebag, though. That alpha-male high school behavior is the perfect example of being a tool. Sociopath is also a good one. Judging by what ENDO has shown about hm and comments from people who interacted with him, asshole might also be a good descriptor, pardon my French.
    Coward, though? I’m not so sure. Dis-likable, and an acceptable target for hatred? sure.

  • So far as I am aware, and so far as his autobiography at Tactical Response indicates, Yeager has never “served”. He was a sworn law-enforcement officer (which makes his threats to commit murder all the more heinous), and he was a paid security contractor in Iraq, but he was never a member of the United States military in any capacity.

    That said, if he had served in the military, it still would not grant him a life-long “get out of jail” card when it comes to cowardice, and while there are unquestionably a lot of words to describe his current behavior (I agree with your additions, by the by), I still contend that “coward” suits his current public displays just fine.

  • Sounds like he and officer hatless should get together and watch “roadhouse” together*. This kind of blowhard crap is the reason the rest of us get a bad name. I’ve worked with wizardpc and helped him learn to shoot better (and he can probably outshoot me now) and I think it’s safe to say the dynamic was nothing like this COWARD full of douchebaggery.

    * no disrespect intended to the late Patrick Swaze

    Disavowed With Honor

  • Oh dear, my inner troll is screaming “Road Trip!”, Linoge you up to a road trip and roll the camera?

  • LiquidFlorian

    My favorite bit of Yeager silliness was him re-posting that poem from Tecumseh and a picture of the guys from the security detail the day ‘Act of Valor’ premiered.

    I remember pirating his fighting rifle dvd and listen to him call out people from his forum in the video. This guy has a serious Napoleon complex going on. I wonder about his dismissal from the PD he worked at. You can be a serious fuck up, like Daniel Harless in Ohio, and still stay on the job. You might be on to something with the whole sociopath thing…

  • Derek D.

    Another fan of /k/. Sweet.

    Wonder what would happen to Yeager if /b/ got hold of him?

  • MAJ Mike

    Just another hairless ape beating his chest in the rain forest.

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  • @ Disavowed With Honor: There is a fair argument to be made that there is a whole raft of things wrong in that man’s head… One has to wonder how much of it is inherent, and how much of it he created himself…

    @ Terriligunn: Only about a four hour drive for me, one way… And I have a variety of ways of recording the incident, all the way up to HD video ;). Might want to enlist the services of a lawyer, too, while you are at it, though.

    @ LiquidFlorian: Yup, because paid contractors are perfectly equivalent to US Navy SEALS!

    … Wait…

    Anyone who threatens to murder other people over internet name-calling has more psychological and sociological problems than basic “anti-social behavior”…

    @ Derek D.: Well, not a fan, as such, I am simply aware of its existence. And I dare say you should try to bring him to /b/’s attention ;).

    @ MAJ Mike: Unfortunately, one that could/may get some other folks killed in the process.

  • I may have an inner troll, but I know they are dumber than a box of rocks. No lawyer needed, I’m staying well away from that violation of rule 1, Don’t do stupid things/ Go home at the end of the day.

  • You know. In light of Yeager’s lack of reason…. Leonard Embody had his permit revoked for FAR less in comparison. Just sayin…


  • farmerjoe

    I wonder how many ACLU attorneys are just waiting for a cop to testify that they took Use of Force training with Yeager and were involved in a fatal incident. Not too sure Yeager could explain his strange rants to a jury and convince them that he’s not a little touched in the head.

  • Derek D.

    @ Disavowed With Honor –just read about Mr. Embody. That’s sad that the State can revoke a permit without anyone breaking a law.

    @ Linoge – we’ll see how that goes, I will probably get drowned with NYPA, although maybe the lulz seekers will recognize how Mr. Yeager is a target-rich environment for trolling.

  • @ Terriligunn: Bingo. Unlike Yeager, we have nothing to prove :).

    @ Disavowed With Honor: Yeah, but there is a valid point to be made that Embody’s suspension was unlawful in a variety of fashions…

    @ farmerjoe: Oh dear and fluffy lord… prosecution attorneys around the country are slathering at this man’s name coming up right now…

    @ Derek D.: Well, TN should not have been able to suspend Embody’s permit; that is the one, solitary thing I will agree with that idiot of a man over. TN State Code 39-17-1352 covers suspension reasons, and I cannot see anything that would disqualify him.

    On the other hand, “Poses a material likelihood of risk of harm to the public;” seems to apply to Yeager completely.

  • Derek D.

    @ Linoge absolutely.

    What happens when somebody just goes to TN, calls him a coward and stands there?

    Suicide by Yeager? That seems to be what he is implying he would do.

    All over an insult.

    Is this who should be instructing people about the use of deadly force?

    I wonder what kind of havoc an assault and battery felony charge would wreak in his professional life.

    Not to mention his Constitutional violation. Do you think if he actually cleaned somebody’s clock that showed up that the event wouldn’t make the national news?
    At that point it wouldn’t take a whole lot of citizen pressure to get the legislature to act.
    I can’t see this working out well at all for Mr. Yeager.

  • Given the videos, threats, and other documentation he has put online for the whole world to see, I would be very much surprised if local news affiliates were not already assembling an evidence pile to break out should Yeager actually ever get around to following through on his threats to murder folks. And given that this mentally-unbalanced troglodyte does train handgun carry permit holders, this will go badly for all of us; “If the trainers can fly off the handle like this, what about the other ones?! What have they been teaching!? More at 11!”

  • Glenn

    What a shame it is to have such a fraudulant,unbalanced, ignorant bully ‘teaching’ weapons training in the good ole U.S of A. You guys (I’m Canadian) have a who’s who of the best tac trainers in the world to choose from….and this psycho riding on their industry pioneering coat tails.
    Who in their right mind would choose to go to ‘tactical response’ when you have guys like Kyle Lamb, Paul Howe, Travis Haley, Magpul, Tigerswan, etc etc to train with?
    I would never want to disallow a man the right to work, but yeager has clearly chosen the wrong profession, and his prospective students should know this.

    God Bless ya

  • I am sincerely hoping the fall-out / backlash from this recent episode of outright and unconscionable idiocy on Yeager’s part will result in his going out of business in the next year.

    Unfortunately, that is the optimistic side of my brain. The realist in me knows there are enough deluded mall ninjas who believe he walks on water to keep him running for the next decade.

    Some people simply thrive on hate; I would not want someone like that teaching me how to lawfully defend myself with lethal force.

  • Here is the video response I made to Yaeger’s nonsense:


  • Cannot say I entirely agree with your methodology, but I do agree with your conclusion – for his own good, if nothing else, and definitely for the good of his students, he needs to put a lid on his idiocy.

  • rich

    @ Linoge:
    this idiot has brought down the wrath of the law on his headd…..the great state of tn revoked this idiots carry permit…this guy is a fool and he deserves everything he gets

  • Just saw that his permit got yanked… will be updating my recent post :).

  • prop

    obviously this poor disillusionly man… is not mentally stable,

    im seriously hoping that tenn. does more then suspend his cc permit…

    instead of hate this man, perhaps we should follow the NRA advice and get this poor man the mental help he is cry out for…granted he might lose his guns, but better then him wigging out completely and gunning down sick children in a crowded hospital somewhere

    can we please help this poor deranged man before its to late…he is a human not a dog we have to fear before something is done…tenn please help him


  • It is, in no way, the state’s responsibility to look out for or get help for mentally unbalanced people in its societies. That said, I dare say James Yeager’s quality of life would be greatly improved by some significant psychological/psychiatric treatment, focusing especially around anger management, and I sincerely hope his family and friends guide him in that direction as soon as possible.

    For everyone else’s sake, if not for his.

  • ACE

    This is a well said article about this wuss. I looked up this guy and about his tour in Iraq and it sounded scetchy but all said he made an error that would be funny at a street race but in the face of gunfire, it was a big “OH F__K” moment. Also the incident report by the company he worked for made him sound like when things got hot he hid and waited till the action stopped to pop up and join the other PMC’s he was working with. But as you said earlier that I will say myself now, I was not there. Other writings and pages I found online about him say that his training is not that much different from everyone else just that he is more flashy about it and some of “His” tricks are very questionable. Personally I would not trust this guy with a nerf gun and would not want to be trained by him since he is loosing touch with reality and is more worried that lack of guns will make his pe pe vanish magically.

  • Yeah, I am still not going to comment on the incidents over in Iraq – Lord knows how any of us would react in similar situations.

    That said, his behavior and comportment here in CONUS has been shameful and cowardly to the point of absurdity, and should I ever actually find myself in physical proximity to this man, I will remove myself with the utmost speed, especially if he is anywhere near a firearm. I would not trust him behind me, in front of me, or much of anywhere.

    Of course, that is no reason to go and Markley’s Law yourself.

  • Los

    Superbly written, Ol’ Chap…