i told you so

No, really, I did.

Oh, sure, the Department of Defense falls all over itself telling people that signing those "secession" petitions will not affect their clearances, but it is the last two paragraphs that should give you pause:

The Pentagon agency did, however, leave its options open regarding petition signers.

“Please note,” the agency cautioned, ”that DSS has not provided any approved direction or guidance. … This issue is under review and DSS will provide information to contractors when that review is complete.”

And, really, are you surprised by this revelation? In general, foreign nationals do not receive security clearances (shockingly, there are exceptions to that), and by petitioning your state or federal government to secede from the Union, you are functionally petitioning to become a foreign national and renounce your American citizenship, both of which are disqualifying actions for clearances. Should be interesting to see what "guidance" the DSS eventually does provide…

(Found by way of Old NFO.)

6 thoughts on “i told you so”

  1. Yeah, I’m not surprised. Glad I was smart enough to leave it alone, I just got my clearance, I’d rather not trade it for unemployment.

  2. Color me shocked!

    I can see the DSS using this as a “back pocket” option. Something they can use if they want to yank someone’s clearance.

    Rather like Adverse Information (Just look up how subjective that measure can be).

  3. The simple truth is that if the government wants to yank your clearance, they will find a way to do so – they pretty much own the program, after all. There is no sense in giving them the rope they are going to hang you with… figuratively speaking, of course.

  4. Same goes for companies that deal with secure information.

    It’s the nature of monopsonies. You pay or your don’t play.

    At lest defense is an area where the State has Constitutional grounding.

    Unlike say doctorin’ or media.

  5. Yup, this falls under the same category as “do not bad-talk your employer in a way that can be traced back to you… which basically means not at all”.

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