“Make good scouts of yourselves, become good rifle shots so that if it becomes necessary that you defend your families and your country that you can do it.”
by Lord Baden-Powell




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here lies gun control

Born out of racism in 1751.

Died from civil rights efforts, 11DEC12.

No one will miss it.

Ok, no, "gun control" is far from dead, unfortunately, and even if we had managed to shove a stake through its heart, there would still be cultists trying to raise it back to life, but the point is that there is not a single state in the Union left wherein it is 100% illegal for a law-abiding citizen to carry a firearm on their person. Furthermore, this establishes an existing precedent – at the circuit court level, sure, but still a precedent – that the Second Amendment protects an individual right to carry firearms in public. Granted, there are more than a few states wherein it is functionally impossible to do so, but we are working on those, and as the record shows, we have a remarkably uncanny history of successes in the past few years.

What successes do the "gun control" fetishists out there have, except the parade of crimes committed by criminals aided and abetted by their victim-disarmament policies?

Someone who cares about the hateful, vindictive, bigoted anti-rights extremists at the Brady Campaign, CSGV, VPC, and the rest of those disgusting organizations – someone not me – should probably hold an intervention and keep those petty authoritarians away from the booze, heights, rope, sleeping pills, and whatnot else for the next few days…

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  • Stan

    The wary curmudgeon in me doesn’t want to start counting chickens yet, the state has 180 days in which to craft a law which may well be so close to a concealed carry ban as to be indistinguishable. We did win a victory today, but its another rung on a long ladder to be climbed. I truly am hoping they get a nice state wide CCW law and if the do Ill savor the sweet sweet tears of Chicago politicians, but I don’t think it’s likely to happen. I expect a terrible may issue law to be put into place that may be challenged and defeated in court, or not, years from now.

  • chiefjaybob

    I am not so pessimistic. Last year when HB 146 was voted on, Speaker Madigan (father of Madigan in “Moore v. Madigan”), required a 2/3 majority vote to override home-rule communities. We only fell 6 votes short. Now that these lemmings don’t have to worry about the politics of voting against Madigan (after all, they HAVE to follow the court order…..), I think we’ll either see 146 revived or a new bill that’s even better. There is hope in the flatlands.

  • chiefjaybob

    Sorry, got my numbers wrong. It was HB148. EIGHT.

  • @ Stan: Oh, I have every reason to believe the law they eventually craft will be basically impossible to follow through to its bitter end, and I further guarantee that Chicago will find some way to exempt themselves from it (does Illinois even have preemption?). But this is still progress; my understanding is that cases are being built in other states regarding the uneven protections afforded by “may issue” permitting structures, so maybe the pieces will all fall into place soon.

    @ chiefjaybob: And, if nothing else, we can now say that no state in the Union can legally prohibit any and all forms of concealed carry. Granted, a few states make it functionally impossible to get those permits (I hear that HI has only issued a single, solitary one), but at least the laws are in place.

  • Tom

    I think that while this ruling might be an ethical and legal victory, it doesn’t mean that Chicagoans will start carrying even if they have shall-issue. Most of the people carrying will be in the suburbs and more rural areas because that’s where the gun shops are. There just aren’t any in Chicago or very many outside the city. Are you really going to drive an hour and a half to an FFL to get your first gun? Most won’t. And most people in Chicago are still knee-jerk anti gun rights bigots. Tack on a couple city ordinances about firing guns inside city limits or registering with the police, and that will help keep guns to a minimum.

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  • Geodkyt

    True, Tom, but I don’t care if people CHOOSE not to carry if they don’t want to.

  • @ Tom: Given the reaction to DC allowing people to own firearms in their homes now, I think you underestimate how many folks would go out of their way to secure means of their protection. But, regardless, no, it may not be a functional victory, but it certainly is a moral one ;).

    @ Geodkyt: Bingo.

  • Tom

    Well, I should have said “keep concealed carry to a minimum” not “guns” because there are already a large number of guns in Chicago. Whether or not people in Chicago or Illinois take full advantage of their rights, the end of the city’s anti gun bigotry will take a generation. The adults now are steeped in the anti gun rhetoric, and grew up with gun rights across the country more restrictive than they are now. Kids today will learn that regular people have guns. Yes, criminals and insane people (i.e. today’s mass murder in CT) can get guns. But so can the rest of us. And that’s OK. I keep thinking back to the women’s rights movement back in the 60’s and 70’s. I’m no expert, but it was feminist theoreticians like Steinem and Friedan in the early 1960s changing the argument. It gained steam in the late 60’s and became mainstream in the 70’s and 80s. Regardless of any current inequalities between the sexes, it’s unacceptable to talk about women in certain ways that would have been ok in 1962. In the same way that Bob Costas can go on national TV and blame gun “culture” (code word for us gun owners) and the bigots are shocked that people disagree with him, there were guys who thought that popping the little lady so she won’t make the same mistake twice was OK back in the day. Now, we are reaping the rewards of the gun rights intellectuals back in the ’80s and ’90s, and guns are becoming mainstream. Someday, blaming gun owners for the crimes committed by individuals will be as offensive as blaming women for domestic abuse.

  • The hill we are climbing is definitely one of cultural shift, but the good news is that the culture has shifted so far in so much of the country now that getting the rest to go along will not be too difficult. Sure, Chicagoans might not find the example of TN HCP holders being more law-abiding than average all that compelling – they will probably write us off as redneck hicks – but the same thing is going on in Florida as we speak, and as they get to the point where literally 5% of the population possess concealed weapon permits. Will we reach everyone? Of course not. But we will reach enough folks that, eventually, things will start to change :).