“There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.”
by Robert Heinlein




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he was like han

Way back at the end of last year, I posted a graphic reminding people what "situational awareness" really came down to, but, in the end, it was a made-up graphic about a made-up character playing a made-up role, and fiction is… well… fictional.

Well, we do not know this security guard’s name yet, but once we do, I think his might be replacing Solo’s in the phrase "Be like Han":

(Video updated; should work now, sorry. If you still can’t see it, go here.)

All of three seconds elapsed between the armed thugs bursting through the door and the security guard putting his first round in the air; he hit at least one of those thugs; he never stopped moving as he searched for a better vantage point from which to defend himself and his customers while simultaneously using what concealment he had; and he kept himself and those he was charged to protect alive and well.

He did not freeze. He did not start telling himself that this could not be happening to him. He did not look around for help. He did not try to hide under his desk. He positively identified a threat, realized that it was a lethal threat (at least one of those thugs was armed with a handgun he dropped at the scene), and responded in a fashion guaranteed to stop or otherwise discourage the threat.

Speaking to the larger event, I cannot think of a single thing the security guard did wrong. Sure, we could pick apart his every move and analyze how our couch quarterbacking would have yielded a different result, but the honest truth is that he walked away from the event unscathed, his customers did as well, and the scumbags were seriously discouraged from continuing their illegal and illicit activities.

Here is to hoping that we all perform as flawlessly as this security guard did, should the situation ever call upon us to do so.

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  • AMB

    Your post from last year is spot on. Han is a badass and we should all hope have even a fraction of his situational awareness.

    I guess I missed the context of this post, though. Who is the security guard in question? Is there an embedded video or link that I’m missing?

  • One thing I noticed is that, as soon as possible, the security guard shifted his position so as not to fire at/through the wall to his 10. After his first shot, he quickly oriented his muzzle more-or-less to his 12. My guess is that he was sufficiently aware of what was beyond his target (perhaps due to knowing the various walls’ construction, and what is beyond them) to know that shots fired to his 12 would be less likely to hit a non-goblin. Why do I believe this?

    Given the time of day (as best I can tell from the video, this happened at 0357* hours local time), I would expect a low probability of there being anyone in the path of any round fired to his 12. Rounds fired to his 12 would also be slowed and/or deflected, such that they would be somewhat less likely to hit an innocent bystander, especially one in an establishment across the street. OTOH, based on the apparent layout of the building, the area beyond the wall to his 10 is likely some sort of office or restroom; it might be occupied. By quickly shifting to avoid firing through that wall, the guard minimizes the chance of a round passing through drywall and striking an innocent bystander.

    Wow! I feel like a post-shoot John Madden…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    *An auspicious time indeed for a goblin-stopping shoot… ๐Ÿ˜€

  • AMB

    Thanks for updating the video, I can see it now.

    And thanks for posting!

  • Wow, Great footwork on the guard too. He didn’t freeze, and made good use of concealment and cover when engaging.

    Anybody want to bet his “High Level of Training” didn’t teach any of this?

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  • dave w

    if he had done it all siting down and fired at under the table, then i would give him a big chocolate filled Han Solo medal.

  • MAJMike

    He followed Wyatt Earp’s advice. He took his time quickly.

  • @ AMB: Sorry about the video difficulties… WordPress apparently does not like it when you schedule posts for the future that include videos…

    @ AuricTech: If I had to make a wild-assed guess based on nothing more than the video, I would agree with the space to the left of the guard being bathrooms – it seems to fit into the overall construction of the space, and that kind of alcove is the kind of thing you see with “men” on one side and “women” on the other. Here’s to finding a good backstop!

    @ Weer’d Beard: I have to admit, the guy’s movements indicated he had obviously sat and thought about how best to handle himself in situations like this… that, or he is one hell of a competitive shooter.

    @ dave w: Picky, picky… ๐Ÿ˜‰

    @ MAJMike: And, I dare say, performed quite well in the process.