“An elephant. A mouse built to government specifications.”
by Lazarus Long


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because it is shiny

I have, and need, no better excuse than that for this: 


What’s that, you say?  It looks remarkably like something from some movie or television series you might have seen once upon a time? 

I have no idea what you are talking about. 


None at all. 


In all seriousness, this is far from an every-day carry rig, for a variety of reasons, but the TT-33 is far from an every-day carry firearm, for a variety of reasons as well (most notably its complete and utter lack of anything even approximating an “internal safety”).  However, there is something particularly compelling about putting a firearm in like that in a holster like that.  Obviously it is not a perfect rendition – for instance, the thumb break was impossible with a semi-automatic firearm, and the direction of the buckle on Mal’s rig bugged the hell out of the guy who made mine, so he turned it around – but I dare say it gets the point across. 

If you want one of your own, contact Mark@Sea at “oldradartech (at) hughes (dot) net”; he can obviously make them for TT-33 platforms, even ones with the whacky-arsed muzzle brake attached, and I imagine you could talk him into something similar for 1911s or a couple other different firearms as well.  From what I understand, this rig design is better-suited for revolvers than semi-autos, if that makes a difference to you. 

(Union of Allied Planets Standard Mineral Claim Form borrowed from here, in compliance with their Creative Commons licenses.  ‘Verse money borrowed from here.) 

(Thanks to Better Half for the latter two pictures.) 

9 comments to because it is shiny

  • cspradlin

    Lord, I haven’t talked to Mark in ages. I should probably stop by sometime, whenever I get to come home next!

  • Derek D.

    Just wanted to say those are some cool photos and a nice drop leg holster.

  • @ cspradlin: We may have to have a get-together, given that I am only a little over an hour from him too :).

    @ Derek D.: Thank you kindly :). I took the still-life; Better Half did a great job of the other two.

    And, technically speaking (forgive the engineer reflexes), this is a “low-ride” holster. Drop-legs are generally found fully attached to your thigh.

  • cspradlin

    Hopefully, I’ll get to come back to Tennessee in the summer. I’ve got a vacation planned, but it should still leave me at least a week and a half home.

  • dave w

    i had to check as i didnt remember anyone using a tt33. I like it but think your going to have to get a revolver of some type for it.

  • @ cspradlin: Sounds like a plan :).

    @ dave w: Yeah, I should have clarified – so far as I and IMFDB are aware, TT-33s did not show up anywhere in Firefly or Serenity. But it still looks cool.

    And that is something Mark mentioned – this holster pattern is definitely better-suited for revolvers, given the wheel pushes the frame, and thus the grip, away from the body, making it easier to grab.

  • dave w

    For a moment i thought maybe the alliance spy had one, but i was wrong. So you need to buy a mateba or webley now i guess.
    Oh and hi on your own turf. Fairly typical of me to sign in to make a first post one about firefly

  • Mark@Sea

    As it happens, I have some very pretty revolvers – but they aren’t real quick on the reload.
    Be good to see you again, Cody – bring your carbine and we’ll do a little shooting. The new place isn’t as well suited to that as the old one, but we can still turn money into noise.

  • @ dave w: Nope, the Operative’s ranged weapon was not based on any modern firearm to speak of; my understanding is that it was built around a paintball marker, as were most of the Alliance weapons.

    And, trust me, there are lots worse things to make your first comment about. Welcome aboard :).

    @ Mark@Sea: Oddly, the only wheelgun I have is the 686SSR. Used to have an open-top .45LC, but sold it off. Not sure what my next one will be… `