“A liberal is a man too broad-minded to take his own side in a quarrel.”
by Robert Frost




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all i am going to say

Do not expect much of a post from me about the shooting at the school in Newtown, CT last Friday; I, for one, do not believe in using the blood of victims as a fuel to further my political goals, unlike your average "gun control" fetishist. My thoughts and prayers are unquestionably with the families of those killed in this horrific crime, though, and if you do want something to read, you should read this.

I will say this much: "gun control" failed those children. Connecticut has an "assault weapon" ban. It did not work. Schools are "gun-free zones". That magical forcefield did not work. It is illegal to carry a handgun in Connecticut in public without a license. That did not stop the murderer. The teachers and principal of the elementary school were disarmed by the force of law. Even though at least one of them tried to resist, he lacked the tools to do so effectively.

And yet, despite the abject and complete failure of "gun control", the answer is… more "gun control"? How does that even begin to make sense?

More to the point, how does it make sense to punish millions of law-abiding American citizens because one person chose to become a criminal? I am not responsible for other people’s actions. I am not accountable for other people’s actions. As such, I refuse to be punished for those actions. At least the asshole murderer (who shall remain nameless on this site, for reasons well-documented here) took care of his own punishment for us.

And one final comment: "gun control" remains racist, even to this day. Every month, Chicago sees more firearm-related fatalities than transpired in Newtown on Friday, with the overwhelming majority of the victims being of darker skin tones. "Gun control" extremists never seem to care about those people, though (probably because such caring would be something of a tacit admission that the draconian "gun control" in Chicago is not working out so well for the city). Likewise, we will probably never know how many thousands of Mexicans, and possibly Americans, were killed with firearms the federal government smuggled across the border into Mexico as part of Operation Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, anti-rights cultists do not seem to care about brown victims.

But give those blood-dancing, victim-exploiting vampires a school full of lily-white children murdered by someone using a firearm, and all of a sudden, it is "GAME ON!" (Yes, there were minorities represented amongst the Sandy Hook shooting victims, but there were also whites shot in Chicago; the point stands.) I do not think I can adequately describe my contempt for such people.

In the end, I hate that these children were murdered, but I also hate that people like Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook Elementary School who attempted to stop the murderer bare-handed, were prohibited from employing tools that have a recorded history of stopping spree- and mass-shooters. "Gun free zones" demonstrably do not work, and only create an environment where mass-murderers know they will not encounter any kind of armed, effective resistance. How about we give up on a failed program and try something else?

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  • AntiCitizenOne

    This is a list of all countries outside the US that participate in IPSC – where some countries use those “dreaded assault weapons” the antis keep talking about – unless there’s something missing here, there’s nothing stopping these competitors from shooting each other if they get mad, let alone take their guns off the range and go on a murder spree. If the antis want to bring up the “utopia outside the US without assault weapons” – show them this, and tell them they should be consistent by pushing for outlawing of IPSC, otherwise they(as well as us) need to find out what factors are keeping these competitors from going postal – this HAS to be brought to the national stage.


    Been trying to get this to pagunblog and joehuffman to see what they think about it, how about yourself?

  • dave w

    i hate to say it, but if some homie had done the same in Detroit they wouldn’t have made half the fuss over it.

  • DAve

    Most important essay on gun control in the last ten years: http://westernrifleshooters.wordpress.com/2012/09/11/what-i-saw-at-the-coup/ It’s a must-read. Read it and more importantly share.

  • Tom

    When the antis claim, “this one’s different”, they’re right. This is the event that’s causing the weak hands to fold. Cerberus selling Freedom group, Cheaper than Dirt ending online gun sales, pro-gun Democrats now pushing gun control. We who truly support gun rights have nothing to be ashamed of, nothing to hide from. Let the weak hands chime in with the bigots. We need to contact our Representatives and Senators and emphasize how important it is that they oppose restrictions on firearms that have not benefited anyone in the past and will not in the future. A handful of politicians from NY and CA can not be allowed to determine whether we can exercise our rights.

  • @ AntiCitizenOne: So, I admit to being curious – do all of those countries allow “assault weapons” for use in sport? I mean, I would admit to being somewhat surprised if I were to see an AR-15 perforating targets at… well, any of those countries.

    That said, they invariably do boil down to semi-automatic handguns, so at least there is that.

    I will look into it and see what I can work up – no promises though, considering the impending holidays.

    @ dave w: Unfortunately, you are probably right… one need only look at Chicago.

    @ DAve: Do not have the chance to read it at the moment, but I have some flights in the future, so I will find the time. Thanks!

    @ Tom: Yeah, I have to admit to being less-than-impressed with Cerberus’ knee-jerk reaction, and CTD… well, they were already permanently off my shopping list as it was, so this does not really surprise me or change anything. We need to stand firm where we are, not provide ammunition to those who would gladly shoot us with it (sometimes literally).

  • CTD appears to have been unable to meet demand and suspended selling rather than having to issue rain checks — they don’t stock guns and the manufacturers are selling guns faster than they can make more.

  • dave w

    Roberta X wrote:

    CTD appears to have been unable to meet demand and suspended selling rather than having to issue rain checks — they don’t stock guns and the manufacturers are selling guns faster than they can make more.

    kinda what i thought when walmart unlisted that gun, it probably isn’t in stock anywhere and isn’t likely to be so it was just unlisted.