“If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”
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what is that humming noise?

Someone needs to strap a couple of high-Tesla magnets to Bill Ruger and then wrap his coffin in heavy gauge copper wire – I bet you could power New York City with him alone right now:


(For those who are missing out on the joke, William B. Ruger, Senior, once famously said, "No honest man needs more than 10 rounds in any gun," and, "I never meant for simple civilians to have my 20 or 30 round magazines or my folding stock." Given that two of the magazines pictured have capacities decidedly greater than 10 rounds, it is fair to say that Ruger, the company, has abandoned the prejudices of Ruger, the founder, since the latter’s death in 2002, and if current stock prices are any indication, they are the better for it.)

(Also, free shipping or no, Brownells has the both BX-25 and the MAGPUL PMAG for about $2 less than Ruger wants, and the idiotically-proprietary Scout magazine for about $10 less; buy five of the former two or one of the latter, and the savings you will have will pay for shipping, or spend $99 or more at Brownells, use the coupon code "DSR", and get free shipping there too. I give Ruger credit for digging their collective heads out of their tushies, but there is no sense in spending more money than you need to.)

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  • Duane

    Unfortunately Brownells is off my shopping list. They had a great deal on 30 round AR mags a few months ago and I ordered some. I am an AZ resident and the mags where going to AZ, I used a family bank account that lists a CA address. Brownells refused to sell without a CA HiCap magazine Cert via LEO dept letterhead. They claimed that it was federal law. Perhaps so, though I was unable to find it.
    In today’s information age the origin of an account should not be a dictating factor for a bank or company that is national or international in scope.

  • Volfram

    Now if only I’d had the presence of mind to buy stock in a gun manufacturer or two BEFORE election day…

  • SgtRed

    I work for a competitor of Brownells, we wont ship you some things either. We also use your billing address to determine if we will sell you things like standard capacity magazines and threaded barrels. This is industry standard. I’m guessing the small percentage of folks like yourself who don’t get bills where you live aren’t enough of a loss to overcome the liability of the possibility of sending something illegal to someplace anti-gun and business unfriendly like CA.

    Also, I think the scout rifle magazines are AI pattern, Ruger just pretends they are not.

  • I suspect Ruger would be doing EXACTLY what S&W did when they kicked the Limey Clinton-kissing holding company to the curb.

    But that would require them to tread on the grave of a man who both was misguided, but also the builder of a great company.

    BTW I asked a Ruger Rep at an NRA show “Why do you put a thumb safety on all your DAO pistols?” He didn’t even bat an eye “SO I can sell them in every 50 states right out of the gate!”

    I can’t argue with that. There is a limited selection of handguns in Massachusetts, but one I can pretty much take my pick on is Ruger guns.

  • @ Duane: How long ago was this problem? I know Brownells has had some quirks in the past with addresses and stuff, and it is possible that their recent system upgrades might have indirectly addressed it.

    By the same token, though, lithium batteries cannot be shipped internationally, which means folks with APO/FPO boxes are screwed, even if they have stateside credit cards. Shipping rules/regulations are asinine; there is no way around it.

    @ Volfram: Seriously.

    @ SgtRed: I was not sure if the “Not recommended for use with other M24/M40/AICS-style systems” warning came from Brownells or Ruger, but, in either case, of all of the .308 magazine patterns/standards to use, they had to go with one made out of unicorn horn, at least according to its prices? (Or, at least, resembling it, if they are not intercompatible.) Bleh.

    @ Weer’d Beard: Founder of a great company or no, continuing to live in Bill’s shadow would not have done Ruger any good at all, and they seem to have caught on to that fact at some point, else they would not be selling those “evil” magazines. Change is always hard for entrenched corporations, and I am willing to give them a bit of time to sort out which direction they want to move; they seem to be doing a good enough job as it is. And I certainly cannot blame them for offering safeties on everything they sell, but it would be nice if they offered models without, too :).

  • larry weeks

    SgtRed has it right, as did our CS person who told you we couldn’t ship it, and we aren’t going to take a chance on getting in trouble. We stick by the book and have two people who only look at “compliance” with various regs. Pete Brownell has often said, “I don’t want to go to jail.” We work really hard to keep him out. We could stick many things in boxes and take a chance, we choose not to. I had trouble sending things to a Canadian gun writer who had a PO box in the States but a billing address in Canada. He’s since moved to the states so things match up. We also won’t ship to hotels (especially in Vegas during the SHOT show). Lots of foreign customers want to haul things home in their luggage – things we couldn’t ship to their country. I can’t quote you the regulation numbers but I’m sure I could ask the folks that know.