“I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for a few public officials.”
by George Mason


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Spent all day at a gun show.  Do not have much content to show for it (might have something in the near future), but I did finally break even on my Russian Origami t-shirts… so, what do you all think of this: 


This coloration (a good suggestion from MAJ Mike) is only available in not-made-in-the-USA t-shirts, but it does not seem as though that particular feature was as big a selling point as I had originally thought.  On the flip side, assuming I have cause to order more than 10 shirts, this will drive prices down a good bit.  I need to even up the graphic a little better – the dial plate should be more centered in the curves – but this is the general idea. 

(Image shamelessly borrowed from CustomInk’s design system.) 

6 comments to thoughts?

  • Publius

    Ah, *now* I get it. Just needed a second look–on the1st glance I was thinking it was some kind of cross between Dali’s watches and a time bomb. Heh. Got it now. Clever design–I’m just more of a button-down guy myself. Also, now that I’m back in the PROIllinois (by necessity more than choice), I have to be a bit discreet about certain things.

  • SgtRed

    That color looks like sand to me. All Army and Air Force shirts are sand, and Berry Amendment mandated made in the USA. Should be sourceable.

  • M14 magazines go up to 20, and their square shape would fit better in the shirt

  • @ Publius: Yeah, I meant it to be a little subdued, though the newer version is less so.

    @ SgtRed: You would not happen to know who makes them, do you? American Apparel does not seem to offer that color, and other companies are annoyingly difficult to shop.

    @ Weer’d Beard: Yeah, but those are even less obvious ;).

  • @ Linoge:
    Who sez Less Obvious is better!

    I love that non-gunnies have NO idea what my ENDO “Builder’s Club” T-Shirt means!

    Maybe I’m becoming a hipster….

  • I dig “stealthy”, but I am wary of “incomprehensible”. I fear the “Russian Origami” was too much the latter.