the mobile infantry version of the zip gun

I do not really know what it is. I do not have a clue what I would use it for (though I do know I would not spend $200 for a tax stamp on a $200 gun… probably). And I genuinely have no idea what market they are aiming at.

But good Lord I want one:

No, the video is not all that useful, and, yes, the whole "operators, welcome" tagline is… well… stupid (I mean, realistically, what legitimate "operator" is going to stick a .22LR underbarrel device on his rifle?), but thanks to ENDO (where I found this little gem), the video did provide us some high-resolution looks at renderings of the firearm:

ZiP Modular Weapons System 1

ZiP Modular Weapons System 2

ZiP Modular Weapons System 3

So let us see what we can sort out… First, the ZiP does appear to be a "bullpup pistol", which might just be a first so far as I am aware (aside from such craziness as dropping a Draco AK "pistol" into a CBRPS bullpup stock). I mean, the magazine and feeding mechanism are behind the trigger group, so I can only assume that term fits. Second, it takes standard Ruger 10/22 magazines, which means you can feed this thing anything from the usual 10-rounder all the way up to the BX-25 stick, and, arguably, a 50-round drum… assuming you could still hold it. Third, it ejects out the right side, which is necessary for its SBR configuration (the stock attaches to the top), but could pose problems for lefties. Fourth, I believe those two rods sticking out over the barrel are the charging plungers for the action; I cannot find anything else anywhere else on the gun that would work. Not sure how I feel about sticking my fingers that close to the barrel. Fifth, the trigger seems to wrap around the barrel, which will either solve most of the complaints about bullpup triggers or make it a complete and total nightmare. Finally, and possibly most bizarrely, this little oddity is being produced by USFA – you know, the folks who make positively drool-worthy single-action revolvers. Alrighty then.

Now, as for the "why", in all seriousness, I have to wonder what its final profile will be like and whether or not it would make an interesting pocket gun. 10/22 magazines are a little thick for that already, and this will add even more bulk, but having 10 rounds at your fingertips does have a certain charm to it as well, even if they are .22LR. Regardless of whether it would fit in a pocket, though, with its polymer construction it seems like it would be an outstanding backpacker’s companion, though its SBR stock does seem a bit solid/hefty for that purpose. Aside from that… well, hell, if it actually makes it to market with its $200 pricetag intact, it needs no other reason than "it could be fun".

I already have a test-and-evaluation request in (through their YouTube account, since the contact form on their ZiP Factory website is… broken), so maybe we will be able to find out just how fun it really is.

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  1. That thing looks like a prime candidate for “printing” on a 3D printer.

    Print the left and right halves and glue/screw them together around some metal bits like a barrel liner, springs, and a firing pin. You wouldn’t even need to rifle the barrel liner for the short-range use that I envision for it.

  2. I thought the definition of “bullpup” was where the chamber is in relation to the controls (i.e. the trigger). If that’s true, then this isn’t a “bullpup” pistol, as one’s grip would still have to be around the magazine in order to pull the trigger, just like a conventional pistol.

    I just can’t see the point of this. If it’s light weight, awesome, but it looks so awkward to handle. Am I able to put a can on it? Otherwise, no I don’t need a back-up gun that’s attached to my main. The purpose of a back-up is to retrieve if your main goes down. So, if my main goes away, so does my back-up? Probably not the best idea and kind of reminds me of putting a knife on the main gun. Color me intrigued, but not really enthused. A T&E would be awesome.

  3. One more thought: I’ve been staring at the renders trying to figure out how I would grip this thing if it was on a rifle without hitting the magazine release. It looks like somebody took a Magpul AFG and decided to stick a Ruger 10/22 inside of it.

  4. @ Sendarius: Hell, that thing might be 3D printed – if you look at the pictures/diagram, it does appear to be two halves held together around the guts by way of little hex screws around the perimeter. At the price they are offering it, I kind of doubt it, but, yeah, the general concept would work just fine.

    Hellaciously complicated on the inside, though… I wonder what cleaning these is like, much less assembling one!

    @ MrHPlus: The Wikipedia definition of “bullpup” does not seem to allow for the possibility of pistols being designed as such, so I guess it depends on what you conceptualize as a grip, and where the action lies in the firearm. Not sure on either count.

    The current model does not appear to be suppressor-friendly, and I would doubt it ever will be, given those two plungers are required for charging it.

    But, anywise, like I said, I have no idea what I would use it for, but I would be willing to find out :).

  5. I think this COULD be brilliant under a certain application.

    Lasers and aiming devices are set up do that you adjust the aiming device to match point of impact at certain distances. What is this device was made so that the under barrel .22LR can itself be co-witnessed with the existing aiming device?

    Think about it, you already invested in a stock, optics system, sling etc. Why have a second rifle for 0-50 yard small game in a survival rifle package? Especially if you can share the sights.

    Is it a problem that needed to be solved? I don’t know. I do think it has the potential to be pretty nifty.

  6. While that could be a valid argument for this little toy’s existence, I would, of course, point out that its barrel length is nowhere near “rifle” sized, and .22LR has somewhat underwhelming performance out of a pistol. It beats a pointy stick, to be sure, but I dunno.

    Plus, finding the common point of aim between three separate axes (sights, main gun, ZiP gun) would be a bitch and a half.

    Things like underslung Master Keys I get. This? Aside from kicking my giggle-switch, not sure what actual use it has. I would be willing to find out, though ;).

  7. I wouldnt mount this as a secondary under my weapon… BUT, a pistol the takes 10/22 mags and is $200 is automatically worth looking at i think. If for no other reason, a range day with my 10/22 would be just that much more fun with this, and for that reason alone, ill prob buy one.

    Besides, the thought of one with a bx25 and reflex sight, and maybe a nifty kydex holster, sounds like too much fun for some friendly competition 🙂

  8. Well, that’s very silly.

    The “SurvivalZip” or whatever they called it reminds me of the AR-7, only, the AR-7 wasn’t NFA. (I suppose it might be after Feinstein gets done, we’ll see.)

    Still, pretty cute. If they actually sell for $200, I might well buy one.

  9. Yeah, I am not too sold on the whole NFA-rifle concept for this thing… a .22 out of a pistol is not exactly the ideal “survival” hunting round, and that stock takes up a lot of space, regardless of the little storage compartments in it. The pistol, though… yeah, it still looks like fun :).

    And Gun Genie shows their MSRP as $200, but also says their inventory is “allocated” – I guess that means FFLs have snagged up the available ones for their shelves?

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