the incredible, inflatable… helmet

They talk a good talk and the science seems sound, but there is just no way I am trusting my life to an inflatable pillow. Sorry.

Of course, mine is a hopefully unique perspective on such things. I had to buy bicycle helmets quite frequently as a child, not because I outgrew them, but because I damaged/destroyed them. I still remember the most egregious example – mostly because it was possibly the only time an ambulance was called due to my antics – wherein the helmet was completely destroyed, I had a good half-a-baseball-sized swelling on the opposite side of my head from the impact, and the responding paramedics told my parents that if I had not been wearing the helmet, I would be dead.

If you ever want to ensure your child wears bicycle helmets for the rest of his or her life, that is damned good way to do it.

So… yeah, cool idea, it is kind of awesome how it is the culmination of north of five years of data collection and examination, it definitely has that “welcome to the future” vibe, what with airbags for your head and all, and I totally like the whole “black box” concept which allows the company, and thus all other collars out there, to learn from accidents. But I think I will stick with foam and plastic and whatnot for the time being.

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  1. Gotta say, that’s pretty cool. But…I’m not fashion conscious enough to worry about how I look wearing a regular helmet, and a regular helmet doesn’t require a bunch of electronics working properly to perform it’s job.

  2. I still remember when wearing a bicycle helmet was more dangerous than not! When I was a kid you might fall off your bike, but you would get beat up.

    That said I once got knocked out falling of my bike, and I never got knocked out in a fight.

    Either way, cool concept but not for me.

  3. One word… Battery. Thanks but no thanks.

    Not to mention by their use of fashion models and high end clothing they are obviously not geared at those of us who have reached the point in our lives where we give Jack and Shit about what other people think of how we look.

    Way too much can go wrong when it needs to work. My dad’s life was saved by a helmet during a parachuting accident. Yeah when I grew up I didn’t have to wear a helmet, but if I was off road or otherwise engaging in risky behavior I did. Probably saved my ass since I went through them at a regular rate. Never needed the paramedics though.

    *Friend in high school though didn’t buckle his helmet. He figured it’d be fine he was just riding over to a friends house on the street… Car decided to cut the corner, he died later that night. So yeah just because you don’t think it’s risky doesn’t mean your card won’t get drawn.

  4. @ Chad: I just love that we live in a world where such things are possible…

    @ Mr Orange: Eh, I got pushed around enough as a kid that a helmet was not going to make a significant enough change in either direction ;).

    @ Pyrotek85: Heh, yeah, had the same thought.

    @ Barron Barnett: In theory (for whatever that is worth), the system keeps track of its battery level and starts shrieking at you if it is beginning to die / dead, but, obviously, that is just another factor that could fail for no good reason.

    Still, if this gets more people wearing “helmets” of their own volition, I see that as a net win.

    @ Jake: In the end, it probably beats nothing. I hope.

  5. Always wore a fiberglass foxhunt helmet back when I rode hunters/jumpers and did Three Day Events. I now wear a bike helmet similiar in size and shape as the current ACH. The helmet cover has a pocket for my iPod and the whole rig doesn’t look as geeky as what the Lance Armstrong wannabees wear.

  6. Modern bicycle helmets have indeed gotten a little whacky in their design, but supposedly they still work, and the aerodynamics are hard to argue with. If you care about such things :).

  7. @ Linoge:
    I don’t go fast enough to worry about aerodynamics. Six or seven miles at 14 to 16 mph hardly need all that Tour de France wannabe crap.

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