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starting to make this a regular event

Now that I have had time to recover from my thoroughly successful (if a bit stressful) Soldiers’ Angels fundraiser, and since some folks have been prodding me about when I would be running my next one (and offering up promises of prizes to encourage people to donate), I have started considering what organization might be the best recipient for our collective generosity. Soldiers’ Angels is unquestionably an awesome organization, but it does not hurt to spread the good will / money around when you can.

Back after I closed the doors on the last fundraiser, I was giving serious consideration to making the Wounded Warrior Project the target for the next one; however, after they have made it repeatedly clear that they do not want my money and they consider any money from firearm-related fundraisers to be somehow bizarrely tainted, I dare say that WWP is off the list.

So how about Honored American Veterans Afield? They are corporately sponsored by no fewer than 12 firearm-related companies, so I seriously doubt they will have any trouble accepting our money, and, well, read the opening paragraph of their Chairman’s letter:

Thank you for your interest in Honored American Veterans Afield [HAVA], a 501[c]3 non-profit organization dedicated to the needs of the returning disabled veteran whose healing and re-integration into American life can be substantially enhanced by participation in hunting and shooting sports. It is organized and is controlled by a group of Sustaining Sponsor companies from the shooting sports industry whose sole interest is in assisting the disabled veteran with his or her return to a normal life. HAVA events are conducted according to the highest ethical and safety standards, and much of the money, equipment and venues for HAVA activities are donated by the Sustaining Sponsors, other sponsoring companies, individual contributors, and other interested people who contribute to the HAVA mission just for the satisfaction of helping those to whom we owe so much.

Likewise, this sentence from the same letter may interest people who are less-than-impressed with WWP’s business practices:

HAVA is a small organization of volunteers with no employees and much lower overheads than most charities – in order to maximize benefits to the veteran.

I dare say I would be amenable to sending them some money.

That said, I am not launching the fundraiser/giveaway yet; give them money if you like, but I have no giveaways for you to win. This fundraiser deserves your attention at the moment, and by the time that has wrapped up, everyone will be more concerned with Christmas than anything else (a reality I learned last year). Plan on an official announcement regarding the start date of the fundraiser somewhere around the beginning of January, and plan on me harassing contacting generous corporations / organizations / individuals between now and then to see what I can rustle up in the way of prizes (I already have one book lined up, and I am pretty sure I have some stickers/t-shirts laying about somewhere). If you have any suggestions in that regard, or have an item/company you want featured in a fundraiser that raised over $2000 for our military members last year and was seen by thousands in our community, let me know.

2 comments to starting to make this a regular event

  • Lazy eye

    If you’re looking around for other possible charities, I recommend checking out http://www.fisherhouse.org/ I’ve heard great things about them, but don’t know their attitude towards firearms.

  • If I recall properly, they actually got all of my LEGOs when I left for college… Was quite a bit, too :).

    Will keep them in mind next time I do something like this; definitely a fan of spreading the good around.