“I couldn't care less about truth and falsity or causation and correlation, or all that other double talk the pro-gun crowd like so much.”
by Mike Bonomo, writing as 'MikeB302000'




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seen in the wild

Hey, I know that shirt! And that one too!

And that one

And even that one

I wonder where you could get one of your own

7 comments to seen in the wild

  • MAJ Mike

    No one I’ve encountered knows how to comment on mine. Too clever, I guess.

    So what’s next?

  • @ Dwight Brown: Not a problem! 🙂

    @ MAJ Mike: I think “inside” might be a bit of an understatement for this particular joke.

    As for “what’s next”… not a thing. I still have not recovered the initial costs of this t-shirt run. Most of that is me being (a) naive enough to believe the poll, and (2) optimistic about how well these would catch on, but it is the situation I have at the moment.

  • Derek D.

    Just checked…no 3XL left.

    I’m a refugee from BSAG. It was your report on them that got me to leave.

    Hope you sell out soon!

  • Sorry, not many people indicated they want XXXLs, and those things were expensive :). Turns out I should have bought more of those, but fewer shirts over all.

    Oh, and good to have you onboard! Wish it could be under better circumstances, though…

  • Derek D.

    @ Linoge:

    Yep, I’m a fat white guy that likes guns. Definitely fit that stereotype. LOL

  • Well, the stereotype did have to come from somewhere ;).