“You can have peace. Or you can have freedom. Don't ever count on having both at once.”
by Lazarus Long


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my thoughts on tonight’s charade

First, if you vote for candidate X because some idiot tells you that candidate Y stands no chance of winning, you successfully managed to find about the only way you can legitimately “waste” a vote, you succumbed to a base logical fallacy, and you completely missed the point of voting to begin with.  The idiot who convinced you of this, however, is orders of magnitude more idiotic. 

Second, I received a thousand of the left and 840 of the right today: 


Big thanks to Ammoman for getting them here on Election Day; it seems strangely appropriate. 

Finally, I have a bottle of unoaked chardonnay waiting for me in the refrigerator.  I do believe it is time to crack it. 

9 comments to my thoughts on tonight’s charade

  • Volfram

    I will never find a candidate who believes exactly as I do. I must settle with the candidate I believe can shape the world as I hope.

    The Conservatives are splintered. Our own cause is undermined by infighting and self-sabotage.

    The Liberals understand this. They understand it well. We face a unified opponent, and we can barely piece together a single platoon willing to stand shoulder-to-shoulder without shooting each other in the back.

    This is no way to win a war. Until we can form a unified force, until we can learn to fight as one, this nation will continue to fall.

    Otherwise, the only name I could vote for is my own.

  • Ken Rhanek

    Lucky you man. I ordered a can of 420 green tip yesterday.

  • KN

    What caliber is on the left? The case is familiar but the bullet is throwing me off.

  • @ Volfram: I will happily stand with the “conservatives” until such time as they markedly differentiate themselves from the “liberals”/”progressives”. Until then, if I really wanted big government, gun control, socialized medicine, the government sticking its nose into every aspect of my life, etc. etc. etc., I know where to look already.

    @ Ken Rhanek: I am thinking we both got our orders in just in the nick of time.

    @ KN: 7.62×25, which, coincidentally, makes all of the ammunition pictured legitimately “armor piercing”.

  • KN

    @ Linoge:

    It’s shiny and new, that’s what threw me off. I shoot 1950’s Bulgarian 7.62×25.

  • Derek D.

    @ Ken Rhanek:

    420 Green Tip ammo…LOL

    Now they can call that the Colorado Special.

  • @ KN: Ah, yeah, I found this stuff at a good price, and figured the non-corrosiveness was too good to pass up. Plus surplus is getting harder to find.

    @ Derek D.: In fairness, CO was far from the first state to dig their heads out of their asses, but it would be funny to see them marketed as such ;).

  • @ Linoge:

    What do you own in 7.62 Tok?

  • Two unfired CZ/vZ-52s, one of which is going to happily live out its days in its cosmoline and wrapping, and the other of which is going to be shot as much as I can bear. The masochist in me still thinks it would be funny to show up to an IDPA event with a 52…