“Laws that forbid the carrying of arms... disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes... Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than to prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed man.”
by Thomas Jefferson




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it is so cute when the once-great british try

This screen capture comes from the not-bad-but-not-great British science fiction series Primeval; the lady pictured was forcing the driver of the vehicle they were in to go to a certain location.  Can anyone tell me what is wrong? 


What is funny is that this is the only scene wherein this occurred – you would think the actress, at least, would have noticed that something was mysteriously different about her prop…  I guess their original audience would neither notice nor care. 

In other news, *headdesk*. 

(Note: this is not to say Hollywood is free of these gaffes, just that it’s easy to pick on a culture that has neutered itself, and voluntarily at that.) 

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  • My favorite example of “Oh, those silly Brits” was in an episode of the short-lived “Spooks: Code 9”

    Government agents had swarmed a refugee camp of some sort, and due to a series of escalations, opened fire on the crowd. We were all supposed to start crying, I think, when they ended with a slow-motion close up shot of a crimped, unfired, .22 blank hitting the ground.

  • Pyrotek85

    I don’t even think Hollywood has made that particular mistake before, and they’re pretty bad.

  • Matthew

    You mean that the driver is on the left side instead of the right? Or that the slide is open;)

  • I’m more amused by the prevalence of handguns in gun control paradise. Then again, it IS science fiction… 😉

  • [email protected]

    Erin, I understand that handguns are plentiful there – all the serious criminals in Britain have them.
    It’s the belief that laws will keep them out that is fantasy.

  • Archer

    My son loves that show (actually, being a kid, loves anything dinosaur-related). The producers do make more than their share of technical mistakes, especially where firearms are concerned, and mostly the same ones Hollywood makes:
    – 10+ shots fired from a 6-shot revolver without reloading.
    – M-16-style rifles firing full-auto for several minutes without reloading.
    – Pneumatic tranquilizer dart pistol (obviously single-shot; the dart’s nearly the size of the barrel) firing several semi-auto shots.
    – The ubiquitous absence of hits against large, relatively stationary targets, regardless of the volume of ammunition used or the amount of time spent aiming (formerly known as the “Stormtrooper Effect”).

    And, as Erin pointed out, the prevalence of handguns in the UK. On the other hand, most are in the hands of the criminals and “Only Ones”, so I guess that makes it OK.

  • Were I the driver, I just might have followed the gun-wielding woman’s directions, solely out of pity for the mentally-challenged….

  • @ wizardpc: Probably the largest non-shotgun cartridge they could get their hands on, and damned if their original audience would know the difference :).

    @ Pyrotek85: I seem to recall someone threatening someone else with a slide-back pistol, but I cannot recall which show/movie. They certainly make enough other slip-ups, though.

    @ Matthew: Yes. The former just confuses me, though, considering it is filmed somewhere in the Isles.

    @ Erin Palette: Well, the show does center around traversible tears in the space-time continuum, so it is at least conceivable that she procured it from somewhere/when else. ‘Course, with that argument, one has to wonder why she does not arm herself with something better.

    @ [email protected]: But… but… but… it is against the law!

    @ Archer: Yeah, the show is not too bad, and the special effects have gotten better as the seasons wear on, but I would never promote it much above “background viewing”.

    And do not forget that the dart pistol looks astonishingly like a Ruger Mark X series with an Aimpoint clone strapped to the top…

    @ AuricTech: That particular character considered humanity to be a blight upon the planet, and set about travelling time to try to stop us from ever evolving. “Bright” would not be a word I would use to describe her.

  • MAJ Mike

    Perhaps in that alternate reality, automatic pistols shoot with the slide locked to the rear. In the multiverse, many possibilities exist.

  • JTwig

    Almost as bad as the Walking Dead. I saw an episode the other day were one of the characters was running through a prison yard with a flat-top AR with no rear sight and only a fixed front sight near the muzzle break. The character was making headshot, on the run, on zombies 50 meters away. While not impossible, it’s a little more than I would expect from a former Mayberry deputy.

  • Obviously the character never read Desmond Warzel’s short story “Wikihistory,” or the potential pitfalls of such a course of action might have occurred to her…. :-O

  • Kermit

    It’s obviously a fully automatic Beretta, firing from an open bolt.


  • Matt

    Two of my favorite BBC gun WTFs are in Sherlock, where Holmes is just firing a 9mm into the wall of his flat, and no one really says *anything* beyond “sherlock must be bored”. You’d think at least the neighbors would have complained In modern Britain. At least this actually occurred in the Holmes stories,

    The last Dr. Who in Season 1, where they’re defending a 500 level space station from Daleks using current military rifles. In the year 200,100. Firing chemically propelled projectiles. In the year 200,100. And they’re using FN-FAL and AR platform rifles. With red dot sights. In the year 200,100.

    Maybe Eugene Stoner actually was the Second Coming of John Moses Browning(PBUH). Or maybe Russell T. Davies and Steven Moffat just didn’t want to give humanity a chance.

    But you’d think we’d have come up with *something* that wasn’t derived from a JMB design in the next 190,000 years.

  • Mile66

    It wouldn’t be wrong if she was actually shooting.

  • @ MAJ Mike: This was less of a multiverse show, and more of a separate-points-on-the-same-timline.

    @ JTwig: Heard about that – the same prop has shown up more than once. One would think their armorer, if they actually have one, would say something…

    @ AuricTech: Oh, she was aware of the repercussions, and she accepted them as “necessary”. Whether or not the show ascribes to the “change the timeline” theory or “alternate timeline” theory has never been clarified, though…

    @ Kermit: Now that would be a scary gun…

    @ Matt: Yup, posted about the Sherlock episode… so many things wrong with that.

    And I have always been disappointed with the props used in Who… given all the places they visit and the time periods they explore, guns are remarkably… alike.

    @ Mile66: She was not, but can you imagine the recoil shooting like that?

  • Rob Crawford

    “Yeah, the show is not too bad, and the special effects have gotten better as the seasons wear on, but I would never promote it much above “background viewing”.”

    Um, the blonde? She makes it must-see TV, particularly the first season where she ran around in her panties half the time.

  • I will grant that she is cute, but the delightfully limited attire really tapered off in the later seasons, and ‘a pretty face’ is not quite enough for me to pay full attention to a show built around it :).

  • dave w

    I have seen this in another show,cant think what right now though.
    I also like these
    pump gun gets pumped for effect without being shot inbetween. I assume an editing mistake of multiple takes.
    The slide locks back after 1 shot and you just see it as they continue to run around the corner out of frame still shooting. I assume thats something to do with blanks in prop guns.
    Everything makes a noise, all the time, with every move.
    oh and non hammer guns make cocking noises.
    i think thats it. either editing is getting worse or sound editing software comes with lots of effects but no instructions.