“A man who has nothing which he is willing to fight for, nothing which he cares about more than he does about his personal safety, is a miserable creature who has no chance of being free, unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.”
by John Stuart Mill




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csgv thinks you are a felon

And by “you”, I mean “everyone”. 

Of late, I have not been wasting my time with the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership; after all, what kind of impact can a blatantly bigoted, anti-rights organization and its all-of-four bigoted, intolerant, narrow-minded, antagonistic, hateful members make except cyberstalking, bullying, and threatening pro-rights activists?  The dustbin of history does not wait for them – it has already gathered them up and disposed of them, despite their being unaware of that simple fact. 

But this quote from the organization’s “Director of Communications” was just too much to pass up: 

csgvthinksyouareafelonIf “law abiding citizens” are so safe ,why aren’t they allowed in the corporate offices? 

I’ll tell you why.  All a “law abiding citizen” really is, is a previously unconvicted felon waiting to commit his first crime.

You can check the screencapture for yourself if you do not believe me. 

Of course, the logical incongruities present in Ladd Everitt’s drooling idiocy should not be allowed to slide without comment – for example, he seems to be implying that none of the Starbucks employees in the corporate offices are law-abiding citizens.  What an outright shameful thing to say of an organization, especially considering that he has precisely no evidence to support his allegations.  Likewise, through the course of his blithering derangement, Ladd Everitt is outright stating that everyone, apparently, including himself, is a “previously unconvicted felon”; while there is an argument to be made that everyone commits three felonies a day, I have a hard time believing babies and toddlers have accomplished this.  Finally, if someone is “waiting to commit his first crime”, how could that someone be a “previously unconvicted felon”?  “Felon” implies the person has already committed a felonious crime, which means his next crime would not be his first. 

Suffice to say, Ladd Everitt is not known for his rational, logical, reasonable though process.  In fact, Ladd Everitt is not known for thinking, period.

Ladd’s fatuousness aside, this is what anti-rights cultists like him think of you, an average, firearm-owning, responsible, mature, adult, law-abiding American citizen – you are nothing but a “previously unconvicted felon”, and that goes for you, your family, your friends, your children, your parents, and everyone else in this country.  This is what people who support “gun control” think of you for daring to lawfully exercise your rights. 

I guess this is just another regard in which Ayn Rand was right – petulant, insipid, asinine totalitarians like Ladd Everitt cannot control innocent men, so they arbitrarily declare all men to be criminals!  Problem solved!  Or something… 

(Image posted on Twitter by Jim at @CSGVLies.) 

10 comments to csgv thinks you are a felon

  • Tom

    And Ladd Everitt, as a male, is really just a rapist and pedophile waiting to find his first victim. And that’s why my wife carries a gun.

  • Mussorgsky

    I wonder if his twisted noggin has found a way to explain why he’s not an as-yet unconvicted paedophile, rapist, murderer, or other felon. “Oh, I hate guns, so I’m morally superior and I couldn’t possibly be caught, I mean convicted. Just ignore the fact that me and my ilk are some of the most violent-minded sociopaths and narcissists you’ll ever find.”

  • Tom

    @ Mussorgsky:
    I would guess that question never entered his mind. The anti gun rights fanatics are not big on following their arguments to their natural conclusions.

  • Ya think they even know how Stalinist that is? Just wait till the jackboots od the STASI fall upon them!

  • @ Tom: Hell, my father now carries a gun precisely because of unhinged, deranged, and idiotic rants such as Ladd’s above – with nutjobs like Everitt out there, we do need to be capable of defending ourselves.

    @ Mussorgsky: I dare say you answered your own question – Ladd Everitt is unquestionably a sociopathic narcissist, and thus not only is his demonization of legitimately law-abiding firearm owners nothing more than blatant projection, but it also means he is literally incapable of realizing he is convicting himself as well. The man is every bit as mentally broken as Joan Peterson, just in a different way.

    @ Tom: You are speaking of this “logic” thing, are you not? 😉

    @ NotClauswitz: I think they do not want you to know how Stalinist it is… they are probably quite amenable to it, since they are The Right People.

  • Tom

    I used the term “argument” because I had trouble attributing the word “logic” to their words, as in “everyone is a potential killer…except me”, or “every gun owner is law abiding…until they’re (sic) not”. I can respect people who disagree with me, but until the anti gun fanatics actually come out and admit that they want an outright ban on firearms — a goal towards which all their arguments lead — I see them as craven opportunists.

  • Sorry – dry wit and facetiousness do not translate well over plaintext. I was being a touch sarcastic ;).

  • […] aren’t required to register their firearms. And since so many gun controllers think that “All a “law abiding citizen” really is, is a previously unconvicted felon waiting to commi…just exactly how will a registration scheme work? Wouldn’t we have massive non-compliance with […]

  • Windy Wilson

    3 boxes, what you allude to is exactly how they prove that every law-abiding person is a previously unconvicted felon waiting to commit a felony. They pass this law, or any law that is “malum prohibitum”, or “bad because I say so”, and some percentage of formerly law abiding people do not register/surrender their firearms, and Voila! a previously law abiding person is now a felon awaiting capture. I still wonder who watches the watchers in a system where every human being is a criminal waiting for opportunity and means. I mean clearly our elected officials are not angels, so Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen?

  • In this regard, Ayn Rand was correct – the government cannot control law-abiding citizens, so make everyone criminals.

    It is rather chilling to see her words put into action.