“Anyone who does not provide for their relatives, and especially for their own household, has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
by 1 Timothy 5:8




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choose your friends carefully

You will not often – bordering on never – find me wishing ill upon another human being, but I cannot help but to extract a not-insignificant amount of schadenfreude from how the thieving nature of “The Truth About Guns” seems to be following around its authors wherever they may go (scroll down a spell).

On the one hand, this is somewhat unfortunate, given that Nick Leghorn is one of the better authors/reviewers at that sad excuse of a weblog… But, on the other hand, if he did not know what he was getting into when he started there, he surely knows now, which means he is working for/with known liars, thieves, copyright infringers, sexists, racists, and ageists. While I am no fan of automatic “guilt by association”, you truly can tell a lot by the friends a person chooses to keep.

2 comments to choose your friends carefully

  • If a person causes a fire by accident, he’s called clumsy.
    If a person does it deliberately, even just one, he is an arsonist. If you hang around people deliberately breaking the law and/or being scumbuckets; well then you’ll be known by those you associate with.

    I agree. Nick’s work is some of the best there. Wish it was some place else so I would be able to stand to read it.

  • Exactly. I am not automatically going to say, “Oh, you are friends with that guy, so you obviously share blame/culpability/guilt/etc. for this bad thing he did that you might or might not have known about.” That smells far too much of the “all gun owners are responsible for ‘gun violence'” nonsense perpetuated by small-minded morons. But by now, no one has any illusions whatsoever about the kind of individual Robert Farago is, so one is forced to conclude that those who continue to associate with him do so with full knowledge and approval of his behavior.

    I have no problems hanging that about their necks.