“Look, you got a little stabbed the other day. That's bound to make anyone a mite ornery.”
by Captain Malcolm Reynolds




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why are "gun control" extremists so violent?

That is a question that you see rattling around pro-rights weblogs from time to time… The common theory is that the people we identify as "gun control" extremists are simply violent people, and they naturally gravitate towards supporting "gun control" because they also happen to suffer from something known as

"projection" – in short, they recognize (consciously or unconsciously) that they are violent people, but rather than dealing with that problem internally, they project that undesirable nature onto other people, and then attempt to "correct" those people. It is the age old, "I think X, therefore everyone else thinks X too," logical fallacy, only now with an extra heaping of psychoanalysis fun to boot. And given that they think everyone else is violent, again, because they are violent, well, why would they want everyone else to have access to a firearm? Hence, "gun control".

The reason this theory has held up over the years is because of people like @gigimorgan10. Go ahead and take a look at her Twitter profile:

Wife, Mother, Progressive, Unapologetic Liberal, Women’s Rights, Tree Hugger. Homeless Feeder. Disliking extremism and ignorance since 1962.

Pay special attention to that last phrase: "Disliking extremism…"

Out of the blue yesterday, a now-suspended Twitter account (@RobertaAgainstG) sent me the following tweet:


assualt guns are ruining this country. How do you live with yourself?

You can see my response.

Very shortly thereafter, @gigimorgan10 piped up with this tweet:


@linoge_wotc @robertaagainstg Why don’t you take your 2nd amendment rights and blow your brains out! You are what is WRONG with this country

I would, for the sake of record, note that I had never once tweeted at either of these individuals before receiving these two tweets. Likewise, I would also note that @gigimogan10 ended up blocking me, despite being the one to violently instigate the conversation, and further attempted to Memory Hole this tweet, but, as they say, The Internet Is Forever.

Now, I have to ask – do you consider it all "extremist" to demand (since there was not a question mark at the end of her apparent question) that another person go and kill themselves – effectively a death threat – simply because that person holds to a different opinion than you? Or is that just me?

What a wonderful example she is setting for her children, if nothing else. 

And if it is "extremism", might it be that, in reality, @gigimorgan10 hates herself, and is taking that hatred out – vociferously, violently, and viciously – on other people?

As someone else later said on Twitter, it is funny – I never once received death threats or any kind of truly violent communications until I (a) started purchasing firearms and (2) started publicly defending the right to do so. Maybe the anti-rights cultists are right; guns do cause violence… just amongst the cultists themselves, not the firearm owners!

(Thanks to @ddbaxte for the screen capture of the death threat; it is used with his permission.)

6 comments to why are "gun control" extremists so violent?

  • Some guys have all the fun. I never get death threats.

  • MAJ Mike

    To quote a t-shirt from “Ranger-Up”, “What ever doesn’t kill me better start running!” The person issuing that death threat better make it work the first time. He/she won’t get a second chance from me.

  • assualt guns are ruining this country

    I assume that “assualt” is simply a typo for “assault,” for which I do not fault the person who sent you this tweet out of the blue. After all, I am given to understand that some folks use devices without full keyboards to send messages through Twitter. That being said, despite my best efforts to comprehend this person’s tweet, I have so far failed to figure out how armored vehicles with a field gun or howitzer in a casemount are even relevant to life in 21st-century America, let alone how they are “ruining” it. Just color me puzzled and use a jigsaw to cut me into 1000 interlocking pieces…. 😉

    As for this @gigimorgan10 creature, I completely understand her point that we “are what is WRONG with this country,” based on the profile you quoted. After all, it’s an armed and free citizenry that stands in the way of her immanentizing the eschaton here in the (still more-or-less United) States of America. In what passes for her mind, we are preventing Paradise on Earth! To be fair, both we and reality itself prevent their vision of Paradise on Earth from coming to fruition, but telling reality to go kill itself seems less satisfying to your average collectivist than telling a specific person who understands reality to do so.

  • Braden Lynch

    The comments of gigimorgan10 show that we are not the problem. She is the one who sends out threats, while we are the ones who are armed…and nothing happens. She is safe and we do no violence. Thanks for proving our point. Final tally; us=1, them=0.

  • [email protected]

    Did I miss something? Is a gaggle of octogenarian german vets running around in a sturmgeshutz in Colorado?


  • @ Steve: It is really not all that exciting… if anything, it only serves to further erode my faith in humanity, given that “a difference of opinions” is apparently a capital offense for some people.

    @ MAJ Mike: Oh, I have absolutely no faith this coward will never follow through on her threat; just another instance of the Great Internet Fuckwad theory coming into play.

    @ AuricTech: Dude. If a Sturmtiger ever shows up over here, I want it :).

    As has always been said about “utopias”, they invariably use the bones of those who disagree with the concept as their foundations. Apparently Gigi took notes from that part of history, at least.

    @ Braden Lynch: Yet again, this is another example of “gun control” extremists being hypocrites and liars. In their propaganda, we gun owners all are violent people looking to shoot another person over the slightest possible reason. If they actually believed that, though, do you really think they would be issuing death threats to us?

    As always, their narrative knocks out its own support structure.

    @ [email protected]: You would think we would notice? 😉