"walls of the city" logo conceptualized by Oleg Volk and executed by Linoge. Logo is © "walls of the city".

8 comments to we have all kinds of stuff!

  • Lynn H

    Wait, what? No mention of shiny, stickery goodness this weekend, was there?

  • Sorry, I did not have them in-hand until yesterday. In your case, drop me a line of how many you want, and we can probably do the discounted rate ;).

  • [...] Linoge over at Walls of the City has some nifty t-shirts for sale. [...]

  • Joey

    That would make a cool patch… #justsayin

  • That is next on the list :). Unfortunately, it takes money to make money, and my finances could only support the shirts and stickers at the moment (the stickers too priority because the plan was to have one on my rifle’s stock at Appleseed, though, unfortunately, they arrived too late). Once I move enough shirts, though…

  • JTwig

    I like the new logo. A patch in those colors on a white ball cap would look nice, as would that sticker slapped on the side of my gun locker.

    By the way there is nothing wrong with being cheap. Being cheap is what keeps my family living in the lap of luxury they have grown accustomed to. Yes they have to eat Ramen, but they can eat as much Ramen as they want! :)

  • @ JTwig: Unfortunately, hats appear to be damned expensive, both embroidered ones and printed ones. You may just have to manage with sticking an eventual patch (and they are coming, once I sell enough shirts) on whatever hat you have :).

    @ AuricTech: I see you caught on ;).

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