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the truth has quite the impact

Well, yesterday evening marked the end of the first week our "the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago" post had been online, and here are some interesting statistics for you.

It is the most-commented post on this site (with 67 comments thus far).

It is the sixth-most-visited page on my site (not counting the main page) since February 2010 (when I installed JetPack which tracks these kinds of things):


It remains on the front page for Google, Bing, and Yahoo searches for "the truth about guns" and "the truth about guns robert farago", oftentimes directly beneath the site in question itself.

It was Reddited, featured on a Something Awful Forums topic (which I cannot read without paying money, so will not bother linking to), and linked to by more weblogs than I was able to keep track of. Thank you all for your support.

Even looking past the raw numbers, however, I had no fewer than 25 people comment here or elsewhere or email me directly expressing their surprise, disappointment, and/or outright disgust at the behavior or Robert Farago and the rest of the editorial and writer staff at The Truth About Guns. I dare say the story has reached "viral" status – at some rather influential organizations and groups, at that – and will unquestionably spread from this humble start.

So, again, to all of you who linked to that post, commented at it or at any of the posts which linked to it, or otherwise spread the word about the snake in the gunblogger weeds: thank you. I rather hate that it was necessary to write such a post, but now that it was, I rather hope as many people find out about it as possibly can.

3 comments to the truth has quite the impact

  • Re: Front page results, Google tracks your clicks, etc and delivers “personalized” results based on your search history. A more neutral (but still not perfect) way of judging the impact of your effects is to either “go private” in Safari or “Go incognito” in Chrome and see what happens.

  • Here’s what I don’t understand: how does TTAG manage to stay in business? It has repeatedly antagonized its core audience. That can’t be a good way to raise ad revenue.

  • @ ExurbanKevin: No worries; I was using Incognito to check all the search engines. Still may not be perfect, but that is why I was not counting specific search return placement.

    @ John Farrier: Well, if nothing else, I dare say the previous post illustrated just how many people in the gunblogging community were aware of Robert’s behavior. In fact, if you took a poll of the most frequent commenters at TTAG (which, interestingly, never seem to comment at any other firearm-related weblg), I would wager they either (a) do not know, or (2) do not care.

    And if they fall in the latter category… well, what can you do?

    I am fairly certain some firearm companies have blacklisted TTAG on account of their “reviews”, but aside from that, those who frequent his site will never know of his behavior if they do not research it for themselves. I mean, you will never see a link to the previous post there, for example, nor will you see any comments that bring it up last very long…