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russian origami t-shirts – grab them now!

imageTwo-dozen shirts down, another sixty-odd to go before you all buy as many as you said you would. As if I needed further evidence that online polls are not scientific nor necessarily representative of reality.

In any case, the Russian Origami t-shirts are still for sale, and I still have inventory in all sizes (M-XXXL), so get your order in now! And I do mean that seriously, with not a lot of hyperbole – I will be taking the t-shirts to a gun show this weekend, and I plan on selling as many of them there as I possibly can. I will leave out a few in a few sizes, and I will happily put aside t-shirts for people who want them but cannot quite swing it right now for whatever reason (and I have already done so for a few folks), but if you want a guarantee on the size you want, put your order in soon.

RussianOrigamiAustraliaI mean, hell, you see that box on top of the pile to the right? Yeah, it is going to Australia. First Class shipping alone to Down Under costs almost as much as a shirt itself, and so far as I know, Aussies are not even permitted to own something that even remotely resembles a legitimate AK-pattern rifle (I think that skips its being an "inside joke" and heads straight for "cloistered joke"). So if you signed up to buy a shirt, why have you not yet?

And just for clarification, there is not likely to be another run of these. If the sales pick up, I might consider it, but otherwise, those who do buy a shirt could be part of a very select group… "limited edition" and all that.

Speaking of gun shows, if you are in the Knoxville area, come by Chilhowee Park off Magnolia Avenue in downtown this weekend (20-21OCT) between 0900 and 1600 on both days (assuming we stick around for Sunday) and you can meet not only your gracious host, but also Dennis from Dragon Leatherworks – we will be splitting a table, leather on one side, cotton on the other. If you do not see the sideburns, just wait for me to get back from trying to hunt down apparently elusive ammo cans and/or rifle crates.

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