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i guess this is a case where babble can be good

A fellow Knoxville blogger has gotten a gig at a parenting blogging site, and examined the benefits and dangers of keeping firearms in the house, complete with a helping handful of statistics from yours truly – statistics that are, I would point out, properly cited and sourced. In any case, I am not one to tell another person that they should or should not do something, but if you are considering purchasing firearms (and thus keeping them under your roof), please give his post a read.

6 comments to i guess this is a case where babble can be good

  • [email protected]

    A gun is nothing more than a non-electric power tool. Like any other power tool, use by the ignorant can be dangerous. The cure for this, of course, is learning how to store, handle and use it. Why would one choose ignorance over knowledge? (Yes, I know it is common – see “reasoned discourse” – I just don’t understand it.)
    Mishandled automobiles are MUCH more dangerous than the millions of lawfully owned firearms in this country. How many people say “I’d never own a car, I’d probably kill myself with it?” How many would consider owning the car, but not putting fuel in it for fear Junior will take it for a joyride?
    It stuns me that so many parents would NEVER have a firearm in the house, but proudly buy Junior the latest quasi-sports car of choice as a graduation gift.

  • And for this reason along, firearm safety should once again become a course in American schools – nothing complicated, just the four rules, and “get an adult if you find a firearm unattended”, but something.

    It was there before, just like Driver’s Ed is still in some schools. There was no reason for it to go away. You would not even have to use live firearms – NERFs would do just fine.

  • MAJ Mike

    I purchased a steel gun locker shortly before my son was born. All firearms were kept secured until my son could be properly instructed in firearm safety.

  • And that is the thing – children can be taught firearm safety, and it can be successful. But the “gun control” extremists out there will have none of it, and in their obstruction, they are willfully endangering our youth.

  • MAJ Mike

    We firearms owners prefer to take responsibility for ourselves. The Lib-Cong and their running dogs want someone to take care of them. Basic difference as I see it.

  • And if that were as far as their desires went, I would be ok with that – after all, some people just never develop past being children.

    But when they want to force us to be reliant on the government and only reliant of the government… well, then we are going to have some words.