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for sale: cbrps white standard mosin-nagant stock


Well, I was going to disassemble this thing and spray-paint it silver, since it needs to be painted something and I just wrapped up painting a shower rod (who in their right mind makes a shower rod out of a material that can rust?), but the thought struck me that there might be some folks out there who want the stock in its original white coloration.



This one is barely used and is actually a little upgraded from the original, and sports a COTS Picatinny rail on the carrying handle, rather than the milled-into-the-handle not-quite-Picatinny-rail that the stock originally came with. As you can see, it is one of the white models, it is cut out for the speedbolt modification, though I have not done that to mine yet, and it has the recoil-absorbing spring-loaded buttplate installed as well.

I would be willing to let it go for $275 OBO plus shipping (Mosin-Nagant, scope, scope mount, and ammo not included). The wait list for this one was somewhere in the "nine months" range, so you would certainly be saving yourself a lot of time…

Why am I selling it? Well, on the one hand, I am intrigued by CBRPS‘ newer models, and I think they may actually be what they were intended to be.

On the other hand, this current one comes off as being the alpha model for the current generation he is producing. When putting it together, the bolt holes did not line up, the original optic rail was nowhere near appropriate spec, the material used to make the white paneling is rough and porous on its cut edges (hence my desire to paint it, in order to seal that up), and the spring-loaded buttstock does not work so well with my bony-arsed shoulders. Yeah, I know, hell of a thing to say about something you want to sell, right? However, various people have put about 20 rounds through it, and all agree that the balance and handling is better, the recoil is lessened, and the muzzle rise is lower than your "normal" M-N 91/30.

It is a fun toy, but this particular one has annoyed me enough that it is time to move on.

36 comments to for sale: cbrps white standard mosin-nagant stock

  • Sendarius

    Do you know of any problems with shipping it to Oz? State department export permit required, for example?

    My MN91/30 is in “need” of a new dress.

  • Zorak

    Not sure if this is still up but way interested. email me when ya can

  • @ Sendarius: I cannot see an overwhelming reason it would run afoul of any restrictions of regulations. Never heard of a stock manufacturer having the “ITAR-restricted item” disclaimer on their wares… And Australia only seems to care abut importing suppressors.

    @ Zorak: Will do. Sendarius has first dibs, though.

  • Sendarius

    … and frames/receivers, and scopes, and barrels, and slides, and magazines, and firing pins, and ammunition/components, and gun SPRINGS for crying out loud.

    I have checked, and the police here are insisting on an “import permit” (effectively an end-user certificate). While I CAN get one, it’s a several week process, so let it go to Zorak.

  • Well, I figured that actual firearms were Right Out, but as for the rest, I should rephrase – the only thing the USPS bothered to tell me about, when it came to firearms and firearm accessories, were suppressors. Somehow, I am not surprised they overlooked a few other things ;).

    An import permit for a stock. Yeesh. I could always label the box “machine parts” ;). Anywise, Zorak has not responded to emails, so proceed as you like :).

  • How did you ever get anything out of CBRPS? I hounded them for almost 6 months starting in Feb for EITHER ONE of their Draco stocks, that THEY SUPPOSEDLY MADE A RUN OF THIS YEAR, and they confirmed my preorder and wont get back to me! this is an absolutely horrible company.

  • Muha

    Hey just ran across this and was wondering if its still available. If so please let me know ASAP. Just reply and ill get u my email

  • guy

    Depending on what material that stock is made of, you can buy dyes at a hobby shop that will change the color of the stock material itself rather than just coating it with a rattlecan.

  • @ Owen: Like I said, it took me about nine moths to get the item, between signing up to buy it and it arriving on my door, and this is after the place producing the side panels apparently screwed them up. And while Bernie was willing/able to fix the rail situation, as well as another issue with the stock, the fit and finish shows he spends nearly as much time on the products as he does his purchasing system – which is to say, not enough.

    @ Muha: I am honestly starting to wonder if these random strangers expressing interest in purchasing are spambots, given none of them have responded yet.

    @ guy: I can see dye working on the rough, cut edges, but the main surfaces are smooth and shiny, so I kind of doub tit. One of the plastic-specific Krylon things should work, or just some primer first.

  • Sendarius

    Glad I’m no random stranger then. :)

    BTW the shirts arrived yesterday – gorgeous. The fire team thanks you.

  • Awesome! Only a day later than the 6-10 business days they promised, though, as usual, their “tracking” was so much garbage.

  • Beaumont

    In white, it looks like something Emile Nagant would dream up after moving to Key West.

  • … And after hanging around Rube Goldberg for too long ;).

  • Daniel

    Want to buy if you still have it let me know have cash now

  • I emailed – no response yet.

  • sean

    how about 100.00

  • Daniel

    Just wondering if you have it still never got a responce let me know

  • I sent an email on 05NOV to this address: “Daniel.a.ainsworth (at) gmail (dot) com”. Is that not you?

  • Daniel

    Yep that’s me anyway how much is it going to be for shipping to az?

  • Looks like it would be less than $20, possibly down to $12 depending on how you want it shipped.

  • sean

    how about 200

  • sean

    will it work for the carbine

  • It fits the M44 just fine, however, Daniel is still interested and has first dibs on the stock as it is – will let you know if that changes. I trust your email address is a good way of getting in touch?

  • sean

    yes please my e mail is good…. Please keep me in mind I would love to get the stock

  • We should be able to settle things with Daniel – or not, depending – this Friday, so I will ping you sometime next week :).

  • sean

    ok let me know….ready when u are..

  • Daniel

    Hey man how do you want to do this?

  • @ Daniel: Sorry, been busy – dropping you an email now :).

  • Emailed you twice, Daniel – are you still interested?

  • mike

    Do you still have this?

  • Wes

    @ Linoge:
    I will send you a payment via paypal today if you still have this.

  • Gage Baker

    Not sure if this post is still up but I am definitely interested about this if you could please email me.

  • John b

    I’ll give you $220 for the stock for the 91/30

  • Just sold it. Thanks for your interest. I will be updating the post appropriately.