behold the power of our fully-operational gunblog-o-sphere

I took this screen capture sometime yesterday evening: 


As it shows, the “the truth about the truth about guns and robert farago” post had only been live for 23 hours, but it now occupies the fifth Google return for “the truth about guns robert farago” and the tag of the same name occupies the sixth. 

Which is exactly why I wrote the post – now, when people search for that string, or just “the truth about guns” (the post is the 10th Google return for that), they will have the opportunity to learn the full story behind that webpage and all of the various and sundry atrocious behaviors its editor and staff have been engaged in… and have tried to quietly sweep under the rug. 

But I did not do this alone.  Oh, sure I was the editor who put together that mongo post, but it was you all – the readers and other bloggers out there – who linked to the post, spread the word, and got its PageRank up.  Some folks thought (and still probably think) that we could not do that, but you happily proved them wrong, and I thank you for that.  The post’s rocket-like climb amongst the Google searches, as well as my traffic meter’s similar sharp spike upwards, clearly show just how badly Robert Farago managed to piss off the very community he was hoping to exploit.  If you linked to or commented at the post, I know I appreciate it, and I am pretty sure those who learned something from the post do as well, so thanks again!

Keep spreading the good word, if you could.  There is almost no chance our outrage will encourage Robert to alter his despicable course of action, but maybe we can warn off a few blissfully unaware folks who were mislead into believing TTAG is a legitimate or worthwhile gunblog. 

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