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t-shirt update


So the designs – the one you see to the right as well as the new logo you have not seen yet – got sent off to the printer last week, we finalized the order this week, and I think they ordered the t-shirt blanks yesterday or today.  They anticipate having those blanks in-hand by the end of the week, and the printed shirts to me by 04OCT12. 

Brief rundown of where we are: 

The shirts will be printed on a Made-in-the-USA, 100% Cotton, “Lieutenant”-colored American Apparel Fine Jersey Short-Sleeve T-Shirt

The printing will be done by Riot Printing, on their machines in their workshop here in Knoxville, TN. 

The graphic to the right will be printed on the front at about 10” across, centered on the chest, with the new logo on the back about 3” across with the site address above it, as far up near the top of the back as possible (I am not trying to turn you all into walking billboards, I promise). 

Pricing had to go up slightly from what I was hoping / had indicated due to complications of printing dark ink on dark t-shirts (it turns out they print the design in white first, let that dry, then run over it with the colored ink): Mediums through XL will be $20, XXLs will be $21, and XXXLs will be $22. 

As for how you get one from me, sometime in the week of the 7th of October, I will put up a page with a cute little PayPal “Buy” button, complete with a drop-down for sizes and shipping information and all that good stuff.  Unfortunately, due to the joys of shipping across international borders, those folks from Canada and Russia who have expressed interest in the shirt will not be able to use that page, and will need to contact me directly. 

I think that caps it all off.  I plan on taking some shirts to our upcoming Appleseed shoot, and then if any are left over, I will be splitting a table with Dragon Leatherworks at an upcoming gun show, but you will have about three weeks to get your orders in. 

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