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First up, since the question has arisen regarding American Apparel’s sizing versus everyone else’s, here are some pictures of my ENDO Apparel AR-15 Selector Switch shirt (printed on an XL American Apparel blank) underneath my Gunwalker shirt (printed on a Large Gildan blank): 




As you can see, the American Apparel XL is wider in the chest and belly areas than the Gildan Large, but is narrower at the shoulders and has shorter sleeves.  Granted, the Selector Switch shirt is one of their 50/50 cotton/poly blends, but the 100% cotton shirts seem to have the same dimensions per their webpage.  Please bear this in mind when commenting about your sizes. 

And speaking of sizes, if you vote in the poll, please email or comment indicating what sizes you want.  Otherwise I will wing it based on estimations and company suggestions, and I may run out of the size you want before you can buy it. 

And further speaking of sizes, if you selected the “5 or more, ’cause I am awesome.” option in the poll, leave a comment indicating sizes, or I am throwing out those votes.  Now that the Russian Origami t-shirt has been Reddited (which is kind of awesome, and please upvote it if you have an account), I can see stupid people punching that button and not following through. 

Finally, if you want women’s styles or Small sizes, let me know.  I am not planning on ordering either. 

So here is the poll again: 

[poll id="5"]

And you can leave a comment on this post, on the original, or on the one before this regarding your sizes.  And do so soon!  I am putting in the order by Monday afternoon.