17 thoughts on “russian origami – headed to the printers soon”

  1. Put me down for one in XL. And I STILL haven’t bought those patches fron you. Dammit, where does the time go?

  2. @ Beaumont: You know where to find me ;).

    @ Sendarius: Up until I place the order, you can change your count as much as you like :). Just be aware that shipping to you is going to be… expensive.

    @ Weer’d Beard: Probably XL then. I know I prefer XLs in American Apparel’s lineup.

    @ MAJ Mike: Can do!

    @ Daren: Unfortunately, this is going to be an “all or nothing” kind of thing. I’d like some exposure after putting all this together ;).

  3. @ Steve: Can do!

    @ Sendarius: Oh, sure, but I have no way of verifying that, it would be completely meaningless to almost anyone on the street, and having both English and Russian on the shirt would be rather overkill.

    Looks like about $12USD for first-class postage of one shirt. Not too bad, I suppose, but “only” between twice and ten times the cost of domestic, depending on the method I use ;).

  4. I shot you an email, but I will follow up here.

    The short story is that I do not have the shirts from the printer yet, but once I do, I will put up a post or a page on here with a “buy it now” style button courtesy of PayPal. Trust me – the announcement will be big and obvious :).

    That said, shipping to Russia will run $10-15 for a single shirt, so bear that in mind.

  5. I will totally buy one of those. XL. If it’s not too big a pain for you, I used my “real” email on this comment. Ping me when they’re in and I’ll be right here with money in my hot little hand.

  6. There should be a page up with ordering information around the middle of next week, but I will try to ping everyone who left a comment :). I should have the shirts in-hand Thursday, I hope.

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