“[The disarming of citizens] has a double effect, it palsies the hand and brutalizes the mind: a habitual disuse of physical forces totally destroys the moral [force]; and men lose at once the power of protecting themselves, and of discerning the cause of their oppression.”
by Joel Barlow




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almost want to make one just because

We have touched on the topic of home-made firearms a few times here, but mostly it has been in an academic, "Yeah, you could do that if you really wanted to but I would not want to actually use one," kind of way.

Well, in the realm of "beggars cannot be choosers", it would appear as though criminals have started employing do-it-yourself firearms in crimes in once-Great Britain.

Is anyone surprised by this? Anyone at all?

In all honesty, firearms are a fairly simple technology; oh, sure, good firearms require thousands (if not millions) of man-hours to research, develop, test, tweak, and further engineer until they are finely-tuned machines that look like they would be the pipe dream of a steampunk fanatic, but those are the kinds of firearms you get when you can. When you cannot procure mass-produced, finished products, you make do with anything that can chamber a round and fire it at least once without blowing up.

And, frankly, that kind of thing can be built from bits and pieces you can collect at your neighborhood Home Depot.

"Gun control" is a failure before it even leaves the ground – the concept of a firearm is so common now that building a functional approximation of one is something even I could accomplish in the matter of an afternoon. So combine the fact that criminals are always going to be able to either procure (take a look at the evidence racks in that Daily Mail article and tell me "gun control" is working over there) or manufacture their own firearms with the fact that there is a negative correlation between firearm ownership and firearm-related fatality rates, and what reason is there to continue wasting everyone’s time with unjustly limiting an individual right that just happens to be protected by the Constitution?

(Courtesy of Maddened Fowl.)

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  • Gun control is the material equivalent of book burning in the age of industrial presses and lately, the Internet.

  • DJ: Yes, yes it is.

    But the point isn’t to put down the criminals and smugglers that make their money by shipping “dangerous” books. It’s to put the fear of the state into the common folks.

    Also having a ban on something with very common precursors that’s easy to make just gives the police ample “evidence” to go after anyone they please.

    It’s all about Control.

  • @ DJMoore: Agreed. In fact, I have probably said something similar myself on occasion.

    @ The Jack: In fairness, the point of book burning was not to control the books either; it was to control the people, and try to control the spread of ideas.

    Unfortunately, ideas are not bound to trivialities like paper and ink.

    Of course, the internet is proving problematic for “gun control” in addition to book-burning now, what with the taking off of the “open source” firearm or whatever, combined with 3D printers.

  • TS

    Remember, these are the people who believe adding a pistol grip to a plain-old semi-automatic rifle turns it into a spray machine of death. It is about how it looks. If it just looks like a pipe, then there is nothing to worry about.

  • They’d better hope nobody remembers how easy a Sten is to make.

  • @ TS: Ayup. For some strange reason, your average “gun control” extremist genuinely believes that it is more-bad for a person to be murdered with an “assault weapon” than an average rifle, or with a firearm in general than a knife.

    Of course, these are fetishists, so what did you expect? 😉

    @ McThag: No kidding. A factory for those could be easily accommodated in my garage…

  • Dave_H

    I’ve posted about his work in comments here before, but the late Philip Luty’s designs should be mentioned. His SMG design in expedient homemade firearms volume 2 was made specifically for those without the specialized skills and tools required to make weapons, even those as simple as a Sten.
    All of the parts used were standard off the shelf parts, right down to the metal tubing used for the smooth bore barrel. He even covered the manufacture of ammunition in another one of his books.


  • [email protected]

    During WWII, in occupied Poland, Stens and the Błyskawica were made in garages, and basements.
    With a little ingenuity, one could even rifle the barrels at home.

  • Dave_H

    There probably is, although my limited mechanical skills aren’t going to be of help with that. I’ll bet if you show the plans to a gunsmith he could help you come up with the correct modifications to the design.
    If you have any luck finding someone with the gunsmithing fu to make a semi-auto version that is still simple and uses off the shelf parts like Luty’s SMG, post that design all over the place.

  • Dave_H

    Oh something else I thought of, besides the semi-auto conversion. As I recall, smooth bore pistols are classified as AOW and are NFA weapons, so any modification would also require some rifling in the barrel.

  • Crap, you are right. Of course, there is a fairly simple fix for this – increase the “barrel” length to 18.5″ and have a merry day :). Might not be the most wieldy thing in the world, but it would circumvent… all the laws, I think.

    I wonder what defines “rifling”, though…

    In any case, if I ever find myself with a bored gunsmith, I will have to ask ;).