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like a plan coming together

I do so love it when people take one of my very few good ideas and put them into practice, and, yes, I do mean that quite literally without a shred of sarcasm implied or stated. 

Everyone knows my particular fondness for pretty pictures to simplify and express otherwise complicated concepts, but I will freely admit that I exclusively focus on things that are specifically of interest to me, and I only have so much time.  Thankfully, others have realized the utility of such graphics as well, and run with the idea. 

For instance, Sean Sorrentino (of Gunwalker T-Shirt fame) went back and looked at the overall crime, property crime, and violent crime statistics and rates over the past 25 years; he did not go into the same level of statistical analysis I subject you, my readers to, but the trends of the graphs are pretty clear to anyone with more than two brain cells to rub together (and that trend is made even more clear in a later post). 

In plain language, North Carolina’s population has been steadily increasing, its concealed carry permit numbers have also been increasing, and it is probably fair to say (though we have no demonstrable evidence of this) that the number of privately owned firearms in the state have also been increasing… but despite* all of this, every single crime rate you care to track has been trending downwards since the early ‘90s. 

Funny how that works. 

Now, as always, this trending in no way “proves” that the increased number of concealed carry permits or firearms are responsible for the decrease in all crime rates across the board, but it certainly is interesting, no? 

(* – I use that word with malice aforethought, since according to “gun control” extremists, more guns in private hands invariably leads to more firearm-related crime; we, of course, know otherwise.) 

5 comments to like a plan coming together

  • Thanks for the links.

    I’ll be posting the complete series of crime data later this week. It’s interesting how the different crimes have different curves. The Motor Vehicle Theft rate is a very interesting curve. The crime remained high and then in the last few years has plummetted. I can’t believe that cars suddenly got impossible to steal.

  • Yes, while correlation does not necessarily imply causation. It is a prerequisite.

  • @ Sean D Sorrentino: Not a problem :).

    The cars thing is interesting… I wonder if that drop started pre- or post-Cash-for-Clunkers.

    @ The Jack: Oh, that is certainly true, but “proof” requires a damned sight more than pretty charts :).

  • MAJ Mike

    The recent shooting in the Coloeado movie theater only reinforces my practice of concealed carry whenever I leave my home. My HK 45c and a spare magazine travels with me wherever I go. I would carry one of my AR15’s, if I could. I won’t be a victim.

  • In fairness, in that particular situation, we really have no way of knowing if someone being armed in the audience would have made a damned bit of difference – I can only imagine what a scene of chaos that was.

    However, it might have, and “if it saves one life”…