better half has another reason to dislike obama

… Because now I am seriously considering acquiring a “real” AK-pattern firearm just because I can (and, no, Vera does not count; she may look the same, but damn).

So what brought about this sudden interest? Only Our Glorious President mouthing off and proving himself to be the petty “gun control” authoritarian we always knew him to be:

“I – like most Americans – believe that the Second Amendment guarantees an individual the right to bear arms,” Obama said.

That is nice, but completely immaterial. It does not matter how many people believe something is, or is not, a right; if every American but one believed that slavery was acceptable and would not abridge or infringe upon anyone else’s rights, they would still be wrong. Hell, it was not that long ago that “most Americans” believed people of your skin tone, Barack, were subhumans not suitable for anything more than manual labor… do you really want to go down the “appeal to popularity” road?

I will say this much though – at least he said that the Second Amendment “guarantees” that right, rather than “provides” or “grants” that right; the former is correct, the latter is completely wrong. Likewise, I am very intrigued that he said “bear arms”, given that phrase strictly means “carry them on your person”… the interpretations of that you could make would probably upset him greatly.

“I think we recognize the traditions of gun ownership passed on from generation to generation, that hunting and shooting are part of a cherished national heritage.”

Again, immaterial. It would not matter if we did not have a tradition of firearm use or a national heritage that included it; the Second Amendment protects a pre-existing right to own and carry firearms, and so far as you – a duly-elected representative of the people who is lawfully bound and constrained by the Constitution and its Amendments – are concerned, that is all that matters.

Of course, it rather goes without saying (though I will, of course, say it) that the Second Amendment has absolutely nothing to do with “hunting”. Oh, sure, employing the arms protected by that Amendment in hunts is a wonderfully coincidental benefit of having it around, but the intent of the original sentence was not whacking Bambi.

And now we get to the good part:

“But I also believe that a lot of gun owners would agree that AK-47s belong in the hands of soldiers and not in the hands of crooks. They belong on the battlefield of war, not on the streets of our cities,” he added.

…*headdesk* Where to begin?

If you believed that a lot of Americans would agree that the Irish should have to work without receiving pay, would it matter? Would your belief matter? Would the supposed public opinion matter?

Are you aware that AK-47s are exclusively firearms that are capable of “select-fire” – i.e. they can shoot one, a few, or many bullets per trigger-pull (in other words, they are “fully-automatic”-capable)?

Did you know that such select-fire weapons are strictly regulated by the National Firearms Act and new ones are impossible for civilians to procure by way of the Hughes Amendment to the so-called Firearm Owners Protection Act?

Did no one ever tell you that functionally no American unit uses AK-47s in the line of duty? (There may be SPECWAR exceptions, but they are rare.)

As such, are you aware that the only time our troops would ever actually encounter an AK-47 on the battlefield would be if it was pointed at them, or on the body of a dead enemy combatant?

So why, exactly, do you want guns on a battlefield where our troops will have to face them?

Are you aware that the Second Amendment specifically and intentionally protects firearms “in common use for lawful purposes”, which unquestionably includes such things as semi-automatic AK-47 clones?

And, finally, if there are any guns that happen to look like AK-47s “on the streets of our cities” in the “hands of crooks”, you, sir, put them there.

In other words, with all due respect to the Office of the President and none at all to the individual currently occupying it, kindly piss off. Your ignorance is only surpassed by your remarkable contempt for the United States Constitution, and, frankly, you of all people have absolutely no right telling the American people what arms they should and should not be permitted to own, both because it is not within your abilities as President and because of your bloody-handed complicity in Operation Fast and Furious / Gunwalker.

So with that small matter of a poorly-performing civil servant having been addressed, tell me about AK-pattern rifles. What countries / importers should I favor / avoid, what patterns work the best, what calibers to consider? Obviously 7.62×39 is the traditional caliber, but I would honestly like to stick with something I already have (7.62×51, 5.56×45, or 7.62x54r), just to keep costs/logistics simpler. I may get to play with these folks’ toys this weekend, so hopefully that will be an educational experience…

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  1. Well, if I was willing to spend $900-$1000, I’d go with something from Arsenal, Inc.
    However, since I’m a cheap bastard and live in NJ, I converted a Saiga 5.45×39 and I’m very happy with the results. The Saiga front handguard and lack of muzzle brake doesn’t make the Saiga look authentic, but living in NJ I’d have to have the muzzle brake permanently attached anyway, so it works out for me. The longer Saiga handguard is actually an improvement over the original, IMO, since it’s longer and is quite comfortable. If you want rails, such handguards are also available (Tapco).

    Good luck with the AK purchase.

  2. “I converted a Saiga 5.45×39 and I’m very happy with the results.”

    When did you do it and how much did it cost?

    The last AK I bought was almost exactly two years ago. A LNIB SLR-95 for $700. Now I see even stamped receivers going for $600….

    I’ll heartily echo the “Good luck with the AK purchase”.

  3. To quote Weer’d, “We have the Second Amendment because George Washington crossed the Delaware to get to his duck blind.”

  4. I bought the Saiga in the fall of 2011 for $350, plus another $150 for the conversion parts.
    You can still buy a Romanian AK clone for about $500 ( has some in stock)

  5. I bought an Arsenal in 7.62×39, so partial to the traditional caliber. Gives you a good excuse to get an SKS too lol. Good thing is the magazines are cheap and plentiful, but make sure you get steel surplus (10-15 bucks). Polymer mags aren’t as durable, unless it’s the Bulgarian military ones with the steel inserts, but they cost 30+ a piece. The rock and lock action on inserting the mag puts stress on the tab.

    They do have some AKs in .308, so see if you can try the VEPRs, but magazines may be expensive or harder to find. I don’t really know much about these personally. I see they also have them in 7.62x54r, but different mags than the PSL it looks like.

    I’m not really sure what to think of 5.56 in an AK. I always figured if I got something in that caliber it’d be an AR, or something that takes AR mags, like a Sig 556. I do believe it’s the same magazines as the Galil if I’m not mistaken, so that’s something.

  6. We all know what he meant, but if we want to take his words literally, he said they belong in the hands of soldiers, and not in the hands of crooks. So what about me, Obama? I am neither a soldier nor a crook. Does it belong in my hands if I so choose?

  7. I would recommend a VEPR in .223- ammo will be around for a while (sure, 7.62x54R is cheap and abundant, but they’re all surplus and will disappear sooner than later). And yes, they will accept Galil mags, so no shortage there.

    If you wanna go real balls out on it, forgo the full stock and buy an adapter so you can attach an RPK buttstock. Hey, it’s modeled off the RPK, so why not keep it consistent, eh?

    Go crazier and get a Kobra sight for it- true Russian, all the way!

  8. @ EchoVictor76: I have not really decided what my budget for this potential project is, but damned if I do not want a Krink now (the folks yesterday had one, and boy is it a fun little toy). I was mostly wondering what nationalities/importers/fabricators have a known history of trouble, if nothing else, since that really seems to matter.

    And, unfortunately, I know dick-all about folding metal, and the cost of the jig does not get appropriately amortized until you build more than I probably need. Not that “need” is a concern ;).

    @ guy: Yeah, now is definitely the wrong time to be shopping.

    @ RobertM: Exactly! 😉

    @ Pyrotek85: I actually have absolutely no interest in SKSes, and, yeah, after fooling around with bakelite magazines, I can definitely understand the preference for metal ones.

    @ TS: Yeah, that is an aspect of his speech I did not even take the time to address – it was a false dichotomy, in that it only allowed for “criminals” and “soldiers” owning/using AK-47s. Obviously they are not the only users, so what about the rest of us?

    @ the dude: Actually, Prvi Partizan has started making new-production x54r, as has Wolf for that matter – granted, they are not exactly cheap (more than your average .308), but at least it is out there.

    In reality, magazine supply is what worries me the most about non-standard calibers in AK variants. The 54r magazine for the VEPRs was definitely them-specific, so costs will never come down simply because there is insufficient demand to really warrant it. But if .223 VEPRs can take Galil mags… well… now we are talking.

  9. @ Linoge:

    Aww that’s a shame about the lack of interest in SKSs, they’re fun. Mine ejects the cases a good 15ft away lol. But given that, wanting to stick with a current caliber and the magazine availability, it sounds like a VEPR .223 or a Galil is your best bet. Make sure you do a post about it if you get one, I can’t say they aren’t tempting.

  10. SKSes kind of fall under the category of “there exist other rifles that can do an identical job better”. They are an interesting historical curiosity, but aside from that… *shrug*?

    Currently looking at .223 Saigas – apparently they have better magazine compatibility than some platforms?

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