show your contempt for attorney general eric holder

In honor of Attorney General Eric Holder rightfully being held in contempt of Congress by a House committee and further in honor of Eric Holder repeatedly lying to Congress, Sean Sorrentino has once again opened up ordering on his Gunwalker T-Shirts.

I have been pretty happy with mine, and need to dig it out to wear this weekend. In fact, the temptation to order about 100 and take them to the next gun show here in town is damned near overpowering, and I can almost guarantee I would make money hand-over-fist, given this disaster has finally reached the national media’s attention.

Anywise, if you have been entirely missing out on this complete and abject travesty perpetrated by the United States Government (and specifically the BATFE, Attorney General, and President), Larry Correia has a characteristically entertaining explanation; if, however, you honestly believe that "Fast and Furious" was not an attempt by the BATFE to enact further "gun control" legislation, you are either maliciously ignorant or carrying water for an administration that has killed 300+ Mexicans and two American Border Patrol agents. Your choice.

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  1. Not to be too terribly snarky, but check the date on that article – it was written only a month-and-a-half after yours.

    Which means the Obama administration – and Eric Holder himself – have been lying about and denying facts that have been common knowledge for half a year now.

    This is my surprised face.

  2. One can only hope that something actually comes of this, though… At this rate, I am really starting to doubt it, and there is a frankly astonishing number of people who seem firmly convinced that this is all a “conspiracy”, apparently spearheaded by Fox News itself.


  3. Linoge: Count Pelosi among them. She thinks this is all conspiracy to get voter ID laws in place.

    Well, I suppose if you base your political cosmology around the superiority of your therapeutic ideas on how the world *should* work it becomes mighty easy to just make up your enemies motivations.

    Erin: I watched that Stewart vid, and I note he bungled the semi-automatic versus automatic thing, didn’t mention the gun control angle, that Bush’s and Clinton’s Executive Privilege were just as egregious as Obama’s and completely ignored the whole 300+ dead Mexicans.

    Guess they didn’t count.

    Sad part is Stewart still did a far better job than most of our “gatekeeper betters”.

  4. Hmm, well crap, I thought I looked at the date and it was later than that. Then again there’s been so many tabs open pertaining to FF lately I probably thought I was looking at it but was staring at something else.

    Still it’s 8 months later and it vindicates my write up… I’ll take it 🙂 They may have published it a month and a half later, it just took us this long to find it. What’s that tell you?

  5. @ The Jack: Yeah, that still boggles my poor little mind – the public rightfully throwing a hissy fit over the government illegally and illicitly trafficking small arms into another nation has what to do with voter suppression again?


    And missing key details or not, Stewart at least got the “Fast and Furious” name out there, which means at least a few people will Google about it and hopefully be educated that way.

    @ Barron Barnett: Hell, worse – it has taken eight months for everyone else to find it, and there are still people denying what we know – for an absolute fact – eight months ago.

    What does that tell you?

    @ Sean D Sorrentino: Not a problem – I only wish I could swing buying 100, but I think the wife might kill me, despite the guaranteed income.

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