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dude, i do not think you will fit


For scale, the birdhouse is about a foot tall.  And, unfortunately, the image quality is degraded due to this being later in the evening and the camera being at the fullest extent of its zoom.  The sad/funny part is that I am fairly certain there is a bluebird family living in that box right now; as I asked Better Half (who took the picture), imagine something of appropriate scale landing on your house… 

9 comments to dude, i do not think you will fit

  • Nazgul!


  • That’s a cool shot. Glad I’m not one of the bluebirds.

  • We had a small hawk land on our porch railing a while back, eyeing the bird feeder that hangs from our eaves…

    Beautiful creatures.

  • He’s waiting patiently for Mr. or Mrs. Bluebird to stick their head out the door to see what all the noise is.

    If Mr. Bluebird doesn’t have a shotgun in the closet, he’s got a real problem on his hands. (feet?)

  • He doesn’t have to fit. All that has to fit is his talon. I’ve seen video footage of hawks inserting their legs into birdhouses and scooping out an easy meal.

  • imagine something of appropriate scale landing on your house

    That would totally roc! ;-)

  • imagine something of appropriate scale landing on your house…

    I’ve seen it happen pretty regularly, actually.

    Oh, wait, that’s dragons in Skyrim, not Real Life(TM). Nevermind.

  • Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin!

  • @ bluesun: Hey, Tam always wanted some massive flying predator…

    @ Joel: You and me both!

    @ John Hardin: Remarkably well-designed for their purposes, that is for sure.

    @ MSgt B: The bluebirds are dive-bombing little bastards, but something tells me that will not do them a whole lot of good in this case.

    @ Robert Evans: We figured this guy was not that old, so the thought may not have occurred to him yet.

    @ AuricTech: Bwah. Ha. Ha. *thwap*

    @ Jake: Just as well, methinks ;).

    @ Jennifer: Yeah, comparatively speaking, a birdhouse is hellaciously stronger than a stick-and-frame house…

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