“The tank, the B-52, the fighter-bomber, the state controlled police and the military are the weapons of dictatorship. The rifle is the weapon of democracy. Not for nothing was the revolver called an 'equalizer'. Egalite implies liberte. And always will. Let us hope our weapons are never needed?ut do not forget what the common people knew when they demanded the Bill of Rights: An armed citizenry is the first defense, the best defense, and the final defense against tyranny.”
by Edward Abbey




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why are gun control extremists so abusive?

[Note:  If excessive foul language, abusive mentalities, and borderline death threats are not your cup of tea, I would advise against reading through this post; I did not write any of that particular material, but I do believe it should be preserved for the future.]

Yesterday, I had the… misfortune… of interacting with the Twitter account @HockeyOpera, whose screen name is “Gloves Off!”, which apparently refers to “A Hockey Opera in Three Act is is a New Canadian Opera – A Tragic Opera with original story by composer and librettist Susan Hannah Rankin”, per the profile of the account.  The opera is based out of Wild Salmon Productions (which might be the best example of craptacular webdesign and graphic artistry I have ever seen) and apparently has been accepting auditions for the past two years without ever (?) reaching production. 

The account seems to be run by the aforementioned Susan Hannah Rankin, though I am not 100% convinced of that, and I only took notice of it when it started tweeting with the #guncontrol hashtag: 

image@thebiglambouski @mr_brugger http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_Hattori ONLY MORONS CARRY GUNS #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli #canpoli #gunregistry #guncontrol

@mr_brugger My 96 yr old mother doesnt need to hide behind a gun. Unlike YOU she has a BRAIN YOU are a COWARD. #gunregistry #guncontrol

As a reminder to those unfamiliar with Twitter, all of these quotes are from the @HockeyOpera account – the @name links in the quotes constitute the accounts to which that account was speaking.  Confusing, I know, but it does not really copy-paste any other way. 

In any case, I started retweeting some of the above material, prepending it with, “Typical #guncontrol #extremist hatred and intolerance. Sad, really.” and other similar statements; unsurprisingly, this appeared to have annoyed the mind behind @HockeyOpera, and then a group of us received this tweet: 

image@BigShoey @linoge_wotc @thebiglambouski @mr_brugger @drmattrawluk PLEASE go shoot yourself the world will rejoice. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

Well, then, is that not the nicest thing in the world?  Why are “gun control” extremists such violent people?  And how can they honestly believe they are bitterly clinging to the moral high ground while simultaneously wishing death upon those who dare disagree with them?  And, seriously, who the hell “rejoices” in the deaths of innocent people who have committed no crime and done no wrong?  That takes a remarkably sick, warped mind indeed. 

image@DVCMAC I prefer u shoot urself before u shoot some innocent lost person cuz uR a PARANOID COWARD http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_Hattori #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

More implied death threats.  More misspellings.  More lacking grammatical structure.  More warped “logic”. 

I am starting to wonder if the person behind this account is not playing with a full deck at this point, a belief which only became stronger after this particular string of tweets: 

image@bob_owens @linoge_wotc Yep you are a COWERING COWARD Glad you know it. Because everybody else does. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@lisakauai @DVCMAC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_HattoriCOWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS Rest of us live nPeace& never have2 shoot anybody. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@bob_owens @linoge_wotc Yep:D & COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS the rest of us live in peace and enver have to shoot anybody #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@Cz858Shooter @BigShoey @linoge_wotc @thebiglambouski @mr_brugger @drmattrawluk http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_HattoriCOWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS #cdnpoli

@bob_owens @linoge_wotc COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS the rest of us live in peace and NEVER have to shoot anybody. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@linoge_wotc @bob_owens COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS the rest of us live in peace and NEVER have to shoot anybody. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@Cz858Shooter @BigShoey @linoge_wotc @thebiglambouski @mr_brugger @drmattrawluk COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

@lisakauai @DVCMAC COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS the rest of us live in peace without every having to shoot anybody #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

Hoookay then.  Proof by vigorous assertion, coupled with specious attacks against the characters and mentalities of those you are abusing and non-stop copy-pasting of the same disjointed nonsense.  I should have started backing away slowly, but the mine of priceless quotes was just beginning to be tapped. 

image@990twin I prefer some PARANOID COWARD shoot self and NOT some poor lost kid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yoshihiro_Hattori #gunregistry #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

Remember, by the above tweets, when @HockeyOpera says “paranoid coward”, she really means “any law-abiding citizen who has taken upon himself or herself the responsibility of personally protecting himself or herself and his/her family by lawfully bearing arms in a peaceful and responsible manner”.  In other words, again she wants innocent people to shoot themselves for daring to disagree with her. 

I am starting to detect a consistent pattern. 

image@bob_owens @linoge_wotc COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS the rest of us go through life without having to shoot people #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli #roft

image@linoge_wotc @IanStumpf @bob_owens COWARDS COWER BEHIND GUNS Rest of us go thru life w/out ever having 2shoot anybody #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

I inquired if she included “military, police, and bodyguards” in that whole “cower behind guns” nonsense; unfortunately, she got somewhat distracted by “proving” – by way of a selection bias logical fallacy – that “all” veterans supported the Canadian long gun registry (which got shut down just a few days ago) because the veterans she knows do, so she never really answered that question. 

At this point, some of the folks in the audience were taking some small amounts of umbrage at the constant accusations of cowardice @HockeyOpera was abusively leveling at her current targets, and @IanStumpf offered to meet her in a ring and show her was “cowardice” looks like – not the best argumentative tactic, but it provoked a further decline in @HockeyOpera’s loose grip on reality: 

image@IanStumpf @linoge_wotc Sure, with one hand tied behind my back. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli COWARD SHIT SUCKER

I have not really heard swearing like that since my days of driving large metal boats around large salty oceans…  Which kind of makes me wonder about the second sentence in this one: 

image@R_ebecc_a @ianstumpf @bob_owens @linoge_wotc Youre a MORON. I am FEMALE. Now go play w/urself Cause nobody else will #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli

So this one is hilarious from multiple angles…  First, despite the plethora of usernames in the quote, it was specifically to @R_ebecc_a… apparently @HockeyOpera never really got the hang of not mashing the “Reply All” button.  Don’t’cha hate people like that?  Second, it so closely verges on a Markley’s Law vindication, I dare say you might as well count it.  Third and finally, on account of her being married and not unattractive, I dare say @R_ebecc_a has no trouble finding at least one person to “play” with her. 

It is so cute when anti-rights cultists get angry – they just completely stop paying attention… 

I guess I, myself, should have paid more attention to @HockeyOpera’s Twitter stream archives, wherein I would have found this rather incomprehensible stream of profanities: 


In the end, @HockeyOpera, and, possibly, Susan Hannah Rankin, demonstrate a few consistent features of your average “gun control” extremist.  First, they have poor or entirely lacking impulse control – given any debate, the first side to resort to profanities and personal insults is typically that supporting “gun control”.  Second, they resort to those personal attacks at all, making the debate about the people involved, rather than the topic at hand – that is definitionally an ad hominem logical fallacy, and a trick straight out of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  Third, they prioritize criminals’ lives over your lives, even when those criminals are in the midst of perpetrating their crimes, which dovetails nicely into the last point… 

Fourth, some “gun control” extremists want you dead.  Whether it is because you disagree with them, or because you exercise your Constitutionally-protected rights, or because you own firearms, or because of a host of other reasons, some people who support “gun control” genuinely and honestly want you dead.  Some of those folks are willing to express that desire in a recordable and public format, but I am fairly certain that for every one of them who speaks up, there is probably at least one who does not.  And yet people claim we are “paranoid” for wanting to have useful tools to keep ourselves and our families safe, in the face of criminals who do wish to harm us, and people who aid and abet criminals also wishing to harm us. 

It is not paranoid to acknowledge that people really do want to hurt you, and the reality is anti-rights cultists really do want you dead for your beliefs.  Sick. 


In response to this tweet by @Gray_Area

image@linoge_wotc @HockeyOpera Great post, Linoge! I’m forwarding to all gun buddy’s in Ms. Ranking’s neck of the woods! #guncontrol #gunregistry

… @HockeyOpera, now almost certainly a product of Susan Hannah Rankin’s warped and twisted mind, replied: 

image@Gray_Area @linoge_wotc R u trying to threaten me?GOSHOOT URSELF PLEASE do planet earth a BIG favor SHOOT yourself #guncontrol #gunregistry

And then, when informed that some of the players in the conversation were not Canadians (you would think the whole “Knoxville, TN” location in my profile would give that secret away), @HockeyOpera wrote the following: 

image@linoge_wotc @Gray_Area AMERICANS INTERFERRING IN CANADIAN POLITICS deserve to be JAILED and SHOT as spies. #cpc unfit4 #cdnpoli #guncontrol

I think what we are witnessing now is the Canadian equivalent of Joan Peterson’s process failure, only with a few more metric tons of violence and hatred.  Quite interesting to observe, and, yes, the appropriate authorities have been informed. 


9 comments to why are gun control extremists so abusive?

  • Secret Squirrel

    Make yourself look big, pick up any kids, and back away slowwwlly. She appears to have gone off the rails rather precipitously.

  • Secret Squirrel

    And yep, Americans making comments on Canadian politics in an open forum is clearly synonymous with spying. That means we get to hang the CBC anchors from the yardarm whenever they comment on American politics, right?

    …Except I like the CBC. Let’s not do that.

  • So, you reported this person for violating Twitter’s Terms of Service, right? I’m fairly certain there’s a “no harassment, no abusive language, no threats” clause in there.

  • @ Joel: And that is the clincher, is it not? If they really did think we were that violent and prone to snapping, they would not provoke us so viciously.

    Obviously, those beliefs are just a front.

    @ Secret Squirrel: That assumes she was ever on the rails to begin with… or so much as knew where they were.

    But don’t’cha know that journalists are different? They are special, and get special permissions/privileges!

    @ Erin Palette: I was working on exactly that while you were probabliy writing that comment :). I added the new tweets included in this post’s update, which is one reason I held off as long as I could – to get Susan to overextend as much as she wanted to or could.

  • Richard Wakefield

    I’m Cz858Shooter. It is clear this individual would never qualify for a firearms licence, and thank God for that!!! It is people like her that make the socialist movement a serious threat to freedom and democracy.

  • @ Erin Palette:
    That ain’t abuse, that is ammunition for our cause.

  • If you really wanted to play with her, you should have said something like “I bet this is really @alecbaldwin- sounds just like him.” – and really watch the chit fly.

    –Or @AB…whatever he changed to to again….

  • @ Richard Wakefield: I think the word you are looking for is “projection”. She knows she is not on an even keel – or, at least, can acknowledge it – and knows that she is a violent person… hell, she damned near revels in her violent nature. Based on that experience and perception, she figures everyone else is exactly like her – she projects her shortcomings onto them – and if she should not have a firearm, well, it is only logical that you should not too, right?

    Self-absorbed narcissistic twit.

    @ Miguel: Bingo. Next time an anti-rights cultist claims they are the “more rational ones” or somesuch nonsense, just point them here :).

    @ Kurt P: Just about as unhinged…