“There are no dangerous weapons; there are only dangerous men.”
by Robert Heinlein




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when you lose the media…

It is a long-accepted fact that the media – especially "print" media, whether it is actually on newsprint or in bytes – is generally a water-carrier for the anti-rights cultist organizations of America and abroad. The documentation is lengthy and comprehensive, and the only people really arguing the point are those organizations themselves and those who are already known supporters and sycophants of the same.

Moving right along, Politifact is an outgrowth of the Tampa Bay Times – the media – so it should come as no surprise that while that site has anointed itself as the Grand Arbiter of Truth and Fact, they are, in fact, quite biased in their own particular ways, up to and including claiming then-candidate-for-Senator Barack Hussein Obama never supported a ban on firearms when, very plainly, he did.

With that lie behind us, imagine my surprise at reading this judgment on Dan Gross’, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Ownership, statement:

Dan Gross, the president of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, said that at the Florida Department of Agriculture’s website FreshFromFlorida.com, people can "get a permit to carry a loaded hidden gun without ever leaving your house."


The law, though, requires that people receive firearms training and be fingerprinted by law enforcement, two elements that would typically require people to leave their homes. While it’s possible to pay a firearms trainer to come to your property, we found no evidence that such training is widespread. We also found no evidence that mobile fingerprinting would be allowed for the gun permit application in the state of Florida.

We rate this claim False.

Of course, why it did not warrant a "pants on fire", I am not entirely sure.

Back when I first applied for my Florida Concealed Weapon or Firearm License (no idea why they make that distinction), I short-circuited the system as best I could – I provided documentation proving that the United States Navy had trained me on the use of handguns and that I had met their standards for proficiency, which allowed me to side-step the classroom and range requirements of the permitting process. But I still had to drag my happy ass into downtown Jacksonville (after first ensuring the local police department could not handle it there) and get my fingerprints taken.

I guess it is good to see that Dan Gross is already following the Brady Bunch tradition of "lie every time you open your mouth". For a little while there, based on his odd silence alone, I was vaguely concerned he might do something to stem the Brady Campaign’s inevitable slide into irrelevancy and cultural ostracization – something like periodically speak the truth – but I guess I should have known better; it is not like honest people work for organizations like that one. Likewise, it is not like the requirements for FL CWFLs are terribly complicated either – they are spelled out, in plain language, right there on that webpage I linked to; a webpage that shows up in very short order if you do any searching at all for anything relating to "concealed carry" in "Florida".

But rather than spend the five minutes necessary to do that searching, Dan Gross simply lies. Unfortunately, that, in and of itself, is not really noteworthy; rather PolitiFact’s honest reporting of that lie is fairly impressive… and a very telling statement on the condition of "gun control" extremist organizations in modern society. If their grip on the media is this loose, how long until their grip on society as a whole is at the same tenuous level?

For the sake of our liberties and rights, we can only hope "soon".

(Courtesy of Say Uncle.)

10 comments to when you lose the media…

  • “no idea why they make that distinction”

    Ooh! Ooh! I can answer this, because I just took a class in it!

    The distinction is that a firearm is a weapon, but not all weapons are fireams. With a Florida CWP, you may also carry concealed a knife (that isn’t a folding pocket knife), a baton/billy club/sap, and dart-firing tasers.

  • Archer

    I found that article amusing, in a MythBusters sort of way. After initially examining the “don’t-have-to-leave-your-house” lie and comparing it to the written law – proving the claim false on its face – they go out of their way to see if there’s any possibility of loopholes or extenuating circumstances that could cause one person in a million to succeed in getting a FL-CWFL without leaving their home.

    And even pulling out all the stops, they call that myth Busted.

    Dan Gross may have been able to steer the Bradys back into relevance, but then he tried the Kool-Aid.

  • MAJ Mike

    Well, in Texas, for the initial CHL, you must attend classroom traing and demonstrate the ability to handle a firearm by placing fifty rounds in a target at various ranges. Then you are required to submit passport photos and fingerprints with training documentation with your application.

    Renewal is somewhat easier. Texas DPS can “recycle” your photo and prints, but you still must complete a classroom phase and a shooting phase.

    No way to do this without leaving your home.

  • SGB

    While the media may be loosening up a tad almost every article has fiction in it about firearms.

  • In Colorado they call it a Concealed Handgun Permit and go out of their way to make it clear that it only applies to handguns. So if you want to conceal carry a sword, it’s not covered by the permit.

  • TS

    Even if they found a way to make that gross lie true through use of mobile services, it still completely discredits the intent of their statement. Clearly they were trying to convey how easy it is to get a permit, yet to arrange all these special services would be even more burdensome (as well as significantly more expensive) than going the traditional route. Pants. On. Fire.

  • You gave them documentation you were trained on a handgun? I just gave them a DD214 and they assumed…

  • @ Erin Palette: Ah, yeah, I had forgotten about that. On the one hand, I like TN’s setup – you have things you can carry without any trouble at all (OC spray, folding knives, and fixed knives under 4″ blade length), things that need permits (guns, and, oddly, folding batons – separate permits), and things that you simply are not permitted to have on your person.

    On the other hand, Florida let me carry an automatic knife, so there is that.

    @ Archer: Yeah, I too just loved how they tried to find any and all possible ways Gross’ statement could maybe, just maybe, have a grain of truth buried in it, and even after finding it to be 100% false, they still did not give him a “Pants on Fire”.

    The “gun control” extremists may have lost the media, but that media still has its old reflexes in play.

    @ MAJ Mike: You have to do the class over again every X years? That is kind of a drag. ‘Course, TX still needs to get on the OC bandwagon ;).

    @ SGB: Oh, that is unquestionable, but those fictions are getting easier and easier to point out and then publicize the pointing-out.

    And then the media will lose, just like the anti-rights cultists.

    @ bluesun: Are swords legal at all?

    @ TS: And even with those at-home services, you still cannot procure a carry permit. Pants on Fire indeed.

    @ McThag: I seem to recall giving them the documentation behind my pistol ribbon, but it has been a while now…

  • Chad

    would a dd214 documenting the pistol ribbon be enough?

  • That may have been what I used? It was… many years ago, so I cannot remember how I tweaked everything :). Per the FL folks:

    active-duty military personnel may submit copies of any of the following documents that confirm your experience with a firearm gained during your service: military orders including call to active-duty letter; a statement of military service signed by, or at the direction of, the adjutant, personnel officer, or commander of your unit or higher headquarters which identifies you and provides your date of entry on your current active-duty period;

    former military personnel can submit switch to loan guaranty service a DD Form 214 reflecting honorable discharge from military service.

    I guess in the latter case you do not even have to prove you received a handgun ribbon? Urk…