“Experience should teach us to be most on our guard to protect liberty when the government's purposes are beneficient... The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well meaning but without understanding.”
by Louis Brandeis




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welcome to the club

I will admit that it is something of a warped tradition, but a gunblogger has never really "arrived" until they have been cyberstalked and harassed by Guy Cabot (aka "JadeGold") and his facilitator, Michael Bonomo (aka "mikeb302000"). Thankfully, Squeaky has the exactly correct attitude about the whole thing; in short, "piss off".

The post from Bonomo’s all-but-abandoned weblog that Squeaky highlights (she does not link to it, and neither will I), is just chock-a-block full of hilarity, though:

It’s a long read and pretty tough slogging. The bottomline [sic] is this is a person who has a smorgasbord of troubles–financial, employment, personal, health (physical and mental), etc.

Frankly, this is not a person who should be around firearms. Not just for her own safety, but for others’.

She seems to be buddys [sic] with many gunbloggers; why aren’t they suggesting she give up the guns?

I cannot say as though I know a darned thing about her financial or employment situation, but good ol’ Joan Peterson more than fits the bill about "personal, health (physical and mental)" troubles, and a potential threat to herself and others. But I will let you in on a cute little secret that her anti-rights cultist buddies want to keep on the "down low" – Joan Peterson owns firearms. She and her husband own an indeterminate number of high-powered sniper rifles… *cough*… excuse me, "hunting rifles" possibly with a street sweeper or two… *cough*… shotgun thrown into the mix.

However, Joan Peterson also has some massive cognitive failures significantly and detrimentally affecting her life, possibly including her apparent inability to come to terms with her sister’s murder by that sister’s mentally unbalanced husband, and likewise including her irrational and illogical cult-like beliefs that law-abiding American citizens are to blame for that death. And yet the "gun control" extremists she works with, communications with, and collaborates with have never seen fit to stage an "intervention" for her, despite their public belief that people with "mental troubles" should not possess firearms.

I wonder why that is?

Moving right along, why do these "gun control" supporters hate rape victims? Squeaky has, unfortunately, been there and done that, and, yes, she has the emotional, psychological, and physical scars to go along with that journey. And yet these vicious anti-rights cultists single her out for blatant, arbitrary abrogation of her Constitutionally-protected individual rights.

How strange. In the "gun control" world, "victims" – even fabricated not-really-victims like Joan Peterson, who is as much a "victim" of "gun violence" as I am a "victim" of Alzheimer’s – are treated as inviolate, untouchable, irreproachable saints. But I forget – unless there was as gun involved, the anti-rights cultists do not care.

Finally, why do "gun control" extremists hate women? Females are, on average, smaller, lighter, and weaker than their male counterparts, and are thus already at a rather significant disadvantage when it comes to self-defense. Firearms, given their easy-to-operate nature, are almost universally usable by people of all sorts of different sizes and strengths (depending on the specific caliber and design of the firearm in question), and thus allow the weak to level the playing field against any stronger aggressor that may attack them. Unfortunately, it could be argued that Squeaky has the double-whammy of being both female and afflicted with a few physically weakening diseases, so easy-to-use force-multiplying tools are essential when it comes to keeping herself from being victimized again.

And here these people want to render her defenseless precisely because of those ailments. If that is not indicative of the Catch 22 mentality of anti-rights cultists*, I do not know what is.

In the end, mikeb302000 and jadegold are naught but vicious, vindictive, and violent trolls that are better ignored than not, but their actions and words occasionally serve to illustrate the irrationality and social disconnect that most "gun control" extremists suffer from. One can only hope they get the help they so obviously need before they do something they might come to regret.

(* – Just get them started on "psychological testing" for firearm ownership. Obviously, if you want to own a firearm, there is something psychologically wrong with you, so you are unfit to own one… Oops.)

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  • Is it weird that my first response is envy? “Aww, I haven’t been trolled yet, I’m not a real gunblogger.”

  • I’m in the military. As one of the “only ones”, I despise the gun control crowd. Logical fallacies, hysterics and outright lies are SOP for this crowd. Many of my battle buddies own handguns, rifles, carbines and other scary “assault weapons”. When I finish my upcoming tour of Korea, I want to buy an AR-15.

    Why doesn’t Joan et al. support tougher sentences for gun crimes? 10, 20 life did wonders for Florida. Three Strikes did fill our prisons but has kept psychos off the streets. I support criminal control over gun control.

  • I certainly don’t see why we shouldn’t trust the judgement of an unrepentant drug dealer and black-market gun trafficker, and his cyber-stalking mentally ill lackey.

    They know how well gun control laws work first hand! They also like to prey on the weak, and don’t like the idea of somebody having a gun when they fantasize about doing acts that would they would be justified in using lethal force.

    Funny how that works.

  • I thought the timing of the post was particularly hilarious – it was while I wasn’t blogging about guns or anything…I was more focused on becoming healthy. Apparently I can’t have it both ways. Bless their hearts, they try so hard…

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  • @ Erin Palette: Like I said, it is not exactly the best tradition in the world.

    Fortunately or unfortunately, JadeGold seems to have blissfully disappeared from the ‘tubes, and MikeB is having a hard enough time keeping his failing site afloat by himself at the moment after his “co-authors” abandoned him, so you may be waiting a while. Sorry ;).

    @ Chockblock: Honestly, “only ones” are more of an attitude than a profession, and it does not seem to me that you actually have the attitude ;). I am former Navy myself, and do not consider myself an actual “only one”, but I guess some folks might disagree with me.

    Anywise, “gun control” extremists understand a simple truth – it is easy to get law-abiding citizens to follow the law, but getting criminals to obey the law is so very much harder. So you go for the easy target. You restrict the rights and abilities of the law-abiding because you can say you are Doing Something (TM), without actually accomplishing anything.

    @ Weer’d Beard: Oh, I trust them implicitly – to look out for their own interests. Criminals like MikeB want to minize the threats they face on a daily basis, so they get the police to pay more attention to the law-abiding than themselves, and they disarm the law-abiding in the interests of keeping their victims from fighting back. Likewise, abusive stalkers like JadeGold want to be sure that if they ever take their stalking to… the next level… that their targets might not decide to… proactively keep themselves safe.

    They are, after all, only looking out for their best interests.

    That is their failing.

    @ Squeaky Wheel: Unfortunately, anti-rights cultists are simply incapable of allowing anyone to take any measures to keep themselves safe, because that not only allows – but encourages – independence. They want people like you to be dependent victims, not self-reliant survivors, and they hate you that you are not.

    I would feel sad for them, if they were not so busy trying to destroy my rights.

  • TS

    Linoge: “How strange. In the “gun control” world, “victims” – even fabricated not-really-victims like Joan Peterson, who is as much a “victim” of “gun violence” as I am a “victim” of Alzheimer’s – are treated as inviolate, untouchable, irreproachable saints. But I forget – unless there was as gun involved, the anti-rights cultists do not care.”

    Or if you are a gun victim but aren’t on her side. Like Japete, I too am a victim of gun violence.

  • Ooh, good call… The anti-rights cultists absolutely hate people like John Green, who lost is daughter to a murderer wielding a firearm, but who is smart enough to realize that such rare incidents are the price we pay for a free society.

    Folks like he and you are full-up traitors to their cause, as far as they care, and there is little worse than that, right?