“The private life and free action of every individual must be scrupulously respected.”
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people like @kingericthe1st are why i carry a firearm

I completely understand why people do not follow Twitter, but damned if it does not keep producing absolutely wonderful blogfodder material.

Take, for example, the individual tweeting behind the screen name "@KingEricThe1st" aka King Eric the First aka Eric L. Hughes, Sr. It would appear as though King Eric took some offense at my tweet of:

#TrayvonMartin sympathizers – where is your concern for Nancy Strait? http://tinyurl.com/75dwmet #gunviolence #guncontrol #toomanyvictims



… by claiming that the two crimes are not comparable (when no one was comparing them) because Zimmerman was "white" (even though he is not strictly) and "white folks would easily end up with more on the part of wrongdoing". When I accurately pointed out that only fretting over the murders of black folks by not-really-white folks was both racist and hypocritical, King Eric informed me "You forget, blacks were the slaves… Their anger is justified".

I am inclined to doubt that Zimmerman’s ancestors ever owned slaves, but even if they did, it is 100% immaterial to current events – Zimmerman himself did not own slaves, so no anger against him for the perceived supposed slights of his ancestors is, in any way, valid against him. Likewise, black "anger" against whites for the supposed actions of those whites’ ancestors (I know for a fact none of mine ever owned slaves – too poor – in fact, some of mine may have been indentured themselves) is completely and totally uncalled-for and inappropriate – unless someone specifically aided in those ancestors’ actions, you simply cannot hold them accountable for them. Sure, if they agree with what those ancestors did, you can pin that belief upon them, but that is in no way equivalent to actually owning slaves.

Using the actions of 100-year-dead ancestors to foment strife and anger between people of different skin tones actually is racist, in the original definition of the word (and inasmuch as humans have races, which we really do not), no matter the skin tone of the person doing the rabblerousing.

Unfortunately, @KingEricThe1st was not done there, instead concluding the conversation (he blocked me shortly after this) by saying:

imagebottom line, #GeorgeZimmerman will pay, either in court of justice, or the non conventional way. Good day

Wow. Just plain… wow.

Let us see if I can recap – @KingEricthe1st firmly believes that George Zimmerman murdered Trayvon Martin in a fit of racist vigilantism simply because Martin was a colored kid "in the wrong neighborhood". Of course, that particular narrative is looking more and more suspect over time, especially as more information about the altercation is discovered, but that is neither here nor there to some people. Regardless, on the basis of that supposed murder, @KingErickThe1st treats it as a foregone conclusion that either (a) Zimmerman will be found guilty in a court of law, or (2) Zimmerman will "pay" in "the non-conventional way", i.e. be murdered by a modern-day lynch mob.

As I said, wow.

Apparently bloodthirsty thugs do not comprehend the inherent hypocrisy and logical inconsistency of executing (a word chosen with malice aforethought) vigilante justice on someone accused but not convicted of executing vigilante justice on someone else. With that decision to succumb to their blood lust, @KingEricthe1st and the rest of his murderous buddies have decided to throw out the rule of law, the implied societal construct and contract, and the very notion of "justice", much less "right and wrong", and instead devolved back to the point of "might makes right".

And people wonder why I have made the decision to lawfully carry a firearm for self-defense purposes? How long until this desire for Zimmerman’s head on a platter and this "justified" anger spills over – or is pushed – into an honest-to-God race war?

For all the whinging "liberals"/"progressives" do over Rush "filling the airwaves with hate" or whatever-the-hell it is they are complaining about today, where is their unified condemnation of this? Oh, right, it is too convenient to not let this crisis "go to waste"…

(Closing note / curiosity: this is a local news report on Nancy Strait’s murder, and while it does show a picture of the suspect being charged, note how it very carefully omits any mention of the race of the victims. Cute, that.)

11 comments to people like @kingericthe1st are why i carry a firearm

  • I haven’t heard what flavor of “Hispanic” George Zimmerman is, but from his looks I suspect he’s of the “New World” stock of people who inhabited South and Central America as well as the Caribbean Islands….and they didn’t speak Spanish originally. There’s a reason for that, and the reason is NOT a peaceful one.

    But race is of course bullshit. Do I need to trot out my Scottish and French Canadian heritage for their mistreatment over history? My wife is Italian and Irish among other things. You can still buy signs here in Boston that say “No Dogs, No Irish” to remember the abuse committed against the Potato famine refuges. The “WOPs” had it just as bad.

    But its all just childish whining. Yeah my ancestors were 2nd or 3rd class citizens. Today I live in a nation where I can become whatever I strive to be.

  • Pyrotek85

    @ Weer’d Beard:

    I’m going to start calling myself a Mediterranean American LOL

  • but damned if it does not keep producing absolutely wonderful blogfodder material.

    Indeed it does. Gotta love it.

  • Ken Rhanek

    What actually happened is not relevant to the mob. Their victimhood is validated by the story they weave. It’s true because things like this have happened in the past, so it’s true now. Even if it didn’t actually happen this time.

    That’s how they think.

  • I’m part Scottish and part bohunk. The Scottish parts of the family didn’t make it to this country before the very late 1800s. The bohunks have been here longer, but I can guarantee they didn’t own anybody. (Or much of anything, quite honestly.)

    Why? Well, remember that scene from Blazing Saddles, where they were checking out the quicksand, and horses were too valuable, so “send a couple n****rs!” Well, bohunks were what you sent when slaves were too valuable.

  • Chris

    Pretty sure Zimmerman is 1/2 Peruvian.

  • @ Weer’d Beard: Prexactly. You simply cannot visit the crimes – or the victimhood – of one’s ancestors on a modern person. Period. Each generation exists unto itself, with its own choices as to whether to perpetuate the actions of the previous ones or not. Given we have not perpetuated slavery into this modern world, saying blacks’ anger over slavery is “justified” is simply bullshit.

    @ Pyrotek85: Might as well – all of the other hyphenated-Americans seem to be getting bennies for their grammatical structure.

    @ Miguel: Gotta draw inspiration from somewhere!

    @ Ken Rhanek: And this is the danger of mobs… once an idea catches on with enough of them, they treat it as irreconcileable fact, regardless of the veracity of the idea. People have been, and probably still will in the future, be killed over such idiocy.

    @ Lokidude: Well, not to try to one-up anyone with that ethnic geneology, but one side of my family ended up in Boston by way of NYC thanks to the Potato Famine. Yeah… that went well.

    @ Chris: In that case, it is highly doubtful that half of his ancestors owned slaves…

  • LauraB

    A friend noted this and it is and shall be a touchstone for me from now on.

    “It’s because the defeat of racism requires a completely integrated metaphysics and epistemology, in order to arrive at the proper ethics: we must be understood as a single species of *individuals*. This is *impossible* in all but the most renegade minds, now, because this culture has been wading around ass-deep in the moral filth of *collective* political premises for whole generations.”

  • That is a positively outstanding point – “racism”, by its very nature, requires a belief in the collectiveness of people, and it could be very easily argued that it grows out of such a belief.

    Thankfully, us “renegades” are loud-mouthed, cantankerous bastards :).

  • Wasn’t meaning to sound like I was comparing ancestry-peen. More “Everybody has ancestors. Most of their stories were hard. We are what we make of ourselves, not what our ancestors were. Welcome to America. Make something of yourself.”

  • Sorry – did not mean to make it seem like you were :). Just pointing out that yours definitely had a rougher time than mine.

    But our lives are definitely still our own, to screw up, or make, as we see fit :).