a case study of how to fail

Say, for the sake of argument, that you are in charge of a fairly small, unpopular non-profit organization that has dedicated itself to fighting against and with a massively larger organization on the other side of your ideological fence. Say you have been faced with a series of major and minor defeats across the country – both in courts and in legislatures – and say that the preponderance of public opinion is slowly turning against you and everything your understaffed organization stands for. And say that your competitor organization is holding a massive convention in some city with literally tens of thousands of people in attendance, including old media, new media, average Americans, and everything in between.

What would be the single best way to destroy any credibility your organization might have otherwise had?

Promise to protest the convention and then simply not show up.

Not “show up with a pathetically few number of people”. Not “protest across the street and as far away as you can while still being loosely-connected with the convention”. Not “wave the flag all by your lonesome”.

Simply do not show up at all.

If Ladd Everitt wanted to adequately demonstrate how irrelevant the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence Ownership really is, I cannot think of a better way for him to have accomplished this. Seriously, does anyone know if he was even in Saint Louis that day, or was this all just hot air and bluster?

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  1. From Thirdpower’s update to the post and greenmeanie’s comment to the same, it sounds like there could have been as many as three(!) protesters, about a half mile away from the convention.

  2. So if they treble their numbers they might just be on the cusp of breaking into double digits?

    It says a lot that these clowns have as much cultural and political power as they do, and says even more about the threat they still represent to fundamental human rights.

  3. If we are looking for signs of fail…

    How about the fact that the only way anti-gun blogs can get enough traffic to appear on google is to get pro-gun people to visit their sites and post rebuttals?

    The anti-gun movement has been dead for years, its corpse is being propped up liberal advocacy organization funds and a handful of die hard members who are mostly so strident because they have personally been effected by crime and choose to blame the weapons.

  4. Someone over at “Weird World” said recently that the pro-gun rights organizations have members, while the anti-rights organizations have interns and paid staff. We still need to remain active and stand up for our rights.

  5. @ Monte: Whoops, I sit corrected – that is what I get for writing posts days ago, and never checking back on the posts I reference.

    That said, three protestors, half a mile from the actual convention, do not a “demonstration” make – they would come off as being more akin to the crazy guy who wanders around downtown muttering to the large purple ferrets he sees.

    In fact, that describes most “gun control” extremists to a T…

    And Ladd still was not there! 😉

    @ The Jack: Thanks to a complicit media and a carefully-orchestrated campaign of fear and hysteria, they have been able to convince the American public – and, more importantly, our politicians – that they wield a lot more power than they actually do.

    Thanks to the ‘tubes and, dare I say, people like me, we have been rapidly removing that illusion from people’s eyes, and it is only a matter of time before the CSGV takes their rightful place next to the KKK in the dustbin of history.

    @ Chem: And, worse, once those anti-rights weblogs get enough traffic to be more-or-less self-sustaining, most of them shut down comments and bite off the hand that was feeding them.

    It may be dead, but its death throes still are not pretty, and we would do well not to write it off entirely yet – the battle for individual rights and freedoms is never really “over”.

    @ MAJ Mike: I surely would not turn down a “paid staff” gig, though… 😉

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