you do not have to be a big daddy

… to help out a little sister. Sorry, that pun was just sitting there, and no one else seemed to want to use it…

Anywise, Erin is… well… interesting, and proudly so. She is an unapologetic goth, a freelance writer, a lover of My Little Pony (which I had no idea still existed until I started reading her), a diehard paper-and-pencil RPG player… oh, and she shoots Mosin-Nagants in her spare time and bitchslaps misogynistic, sexually-harassing trolls into oblivion when she gets tired of that.

All caught up? Great.

Unfortunately, Erin is also a little light in the drawers; specifically, she lacks a concealed carry firearm. Fortunately, you can help, and apparently some good folks already have. She is already going about this the right way, what with planning for a firearm, then a permit, then more magazines, then a holster, then training, and so on, so you can rest assured that whatever spare change you have will go to a good use. So, would you kindly head over there and take a look?

Asking for help is never wrong, and oblivious folks like me would never know you needed it unless you asked.

5 thoughts on “you do not have to be a big daddy”

  1. Don’t think I’ve read her blog before, but I have to say: goth, writer, rpg geek, into guns, and blasts trolls? I’d say I think I’m in love if the g/f wouldn’t stab me in my sleep…

    I guess I’ll have to settle with throwing a little cash her way and adding her to my RSS feed.

  2. She is, as they say down here, “good people”, and a darned good writer to boot. The good news is that we gunnies are, in general, also good people, so I think this will all work out just fine :).

  3. Aww, thank you, sweetie. The outpouring of kindness and generosity I’ve seen has made my heart all wobbly at the knees. I’ve been crying pretty much non-stop since Wednesday, but in a good way.

    I promise I’ll work hard to deserve this, and pay it forward.

  4. I think the primary reason there has been such an overwhelming surge of support for you in this is that we know you are “good for it”. Of course, those folks donating understand that it is a donation and not a loan, but that phrase encompasses the concept of doing your own good for other people in the future as well.

    And, hell, when you get right down to it, 100% of the donations going towards helping a responsible adult human being remain safe and secure beats the pants off the “expenses” and “fees” some erstwhile “charities” have these days…

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