where i pass up so many good puns

The only (and I do mean only) good part about gut-reaming stomach bugs is that you can come home early from work.  On one of the busiest days I have ever had at my current job.  Before the second-busiest week.  *sigh* 

Anywise, on that happy note, I will leave you with this article questioning why the Brady Campaign, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, and all the rest of the anti-rights organizations have been quiet on the Fast and Furious disaster so far, not only because I share the question myself, but also because Bob Owens saw fit to link back to my little site in it.  I can live with that.

3 thoughts on “where i pass up so many good puns”

  1. The blood dancers haven’t commented on “Fast and Furious” because it was conducted by a Democrat administration and therefore doesn’t fit THE NARRATIVE. Thye’ve tried to blame the operation on the EVILLLE BOOOOOOSH, but it hasn’t stuck. So they focus on other more devisive events.

  2. Sorry that you got it too. Unfortunately, I came down with the gut buster 2 days into a scheduled 9 day renovation of my kitchen. Cost me three days of lost productivity.

    And 9 pounds.

  3. @ MAJ Mike: While there are a plethora of additional reasons why they have chosen to ignore this heinous government operation, I fear you are 100% correct on that particular one.

    @ Rich Hailey: Damn. Mine was nowhere near that bad – just enough to put me down for a day. I trust things are better?

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