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"smoke & thunder" fails at life

So here is how it is. 

A website called “Smoke & Thunder” appeared out of the firmament about a week ago and started hijacking names and reputations of pro-rights webloggers in order to provide a good, firm footing of astroturf for this upstart site.  When challenged on this dickish and generally frowned-upon behavior, the mind behind “Smoke and Thunder” engaged in personal attacks against those who dared to question it.  And, finally, when taken as a total gestalt, and when compared to the writings and behavior of known anti-rights cultists, it is a remarkably strong hypothesis that “Smoke & Thunder” is being run by a “gun control” extremist as a false-flag operation; who, we are not sure, but it could be the “Michael Frank” as he identified himself to other pro-rights webloggers, or it could be someone using that identity as yet another sock-puppet. 

Various folks, myself included, have expressed concern at “feeding the troll”, given that, in general, there is no such thing as bad publicity.  So why am I writing this post, much less the three before it? 

This is why


As you can see, I am not logged in, and my cookies were recently cleared for this little exercise, so none of my personal, local browsing habits should be influencing the outcome of this Google search.  However, thanks to the creative use of metadata such as post titles and tags, my writings are currently ranked over the actual “smokeandthunder.com” site, which brings me to the real purpose for writing these posts: 

To serve as a warning

Now, anyone who searches for “smoke and thunder”* will have the option to read through some of the material we have managed to gather regarding that site, and make up their own mind as to its purpose and motivations. 

Because, honestly, when the proprietor of “Smoke and Thunder” behaves like this in public

Dumbfuck, I said BILLION dollar business when I was referring to Yelp, and never claimed I was on track to earn that. Just stay tuned for some bombshells over the next few days…

The world needs to know. 

(Oh, and for the record, that remarkably rude, obnoxious, and completely out-of-line comment was directed towards A Girl and Her Gun, a recent pro-rights convert and one of the better recent pro-rights writers I have encountered.  Furthermore, she has already done more to encourage safe, responsible firearm ownership than I fear “Smoke and Thunder” will ever be bothered to accomplish.  I am not a violent man, but “Smoke & Thunder Admin”’s incessant harassment of women (up to and including demanding “nudie pix” from them) sets my temper on edge.) 

So, yes, maybe I am feeding the troll by posting about him, but none of my links go back to his site in any way, shape, or form (even as “nofollow”s), and someone has to stand by the bridge and warn people of the trolls that live beneath it.  What they do after that warning is entirely up to them. 

And speaking of trolls, the administrator of “Smoke and Thunder” has threatened that he will be drawing up my profile at that site shortly.  As such, I am going to borrow a page from LawDog’s book

1) I will not be joining this site "Smoke and Thunder", so if you see my name there, it isn’t me.

2) Nor do I give the site "Smoke and Thunder" any permission what-so-ever to use anything written by me on this site, or by me on any Internet forum or medium, beyond the minimum amount permissible under the "Fair Use Doctrine".

3) Furthermore, I deny the site "Smoke and Thunder" permission to use any of my intellectual property, wholly or in part, for financial gain.

I have every reason to believe this denial of permission will be ignored, but there it is, nonetheless. 

A man of honor would respect another person’s wishes when it comes to the misappropriation of their identities, reputations, and personas; apparently the owner of “Smoke & Thunder” is a creature wholly devoid of honor. 

(* – And, again, I feel sorry for the Purveyors of Fine Mountain Man Accoutrements.  Hopefully this bout of idiocy on the part of “smokeandthunder.com” will not too significantly impact their site.)

13 comments to "smoke & thunder" fails at life

  • MAJ Mike

    All that “Thud and Blunder” requires too much time and energy. That’s time away from the shooting range and therefore lost forever.

    As one of my NCO’s would’ve said, “F**k ’em and feed ’em fish!!”

  • Unfortunately, I lack the funds at the moment for any serious range time, so I pound out these things while I am catching up on television.

    I am not sure if that says more about my choice of entertainment or my writing quality…

  • agirlandhergun

    Good grief, again…why is it that ever time someone disagrees with me they call me a dumbfuck??

    I tell ya want, if I had to choose between this guy and any Gunblogger I have had the privilege to learn from, get to know, and
    support, oh wait, I do get to choose and i am not choosing the guy who takes advantage of the people I care for.

  • SGB

    Well done Linoge!

  • TomioB

    Keep away from this site… It is a fucking scam. I was hired by this guy… Michael is his name… he met me in Boston, but I think he lives in NH.he owes me 800 Dollars, and now I cannot find him. He is bad news.

    He is a pervert fuck, and I just want anybody who sees this to stay away from his site. he is trying to get a customer base, but he is a fucking idiot.

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  • @ agirlandhergun: I will certainly not deny that I have called people “dumbasses” before, but it was never the first thing I called them, nor were they unworthy of the title. That being the first thing a person calls someone they just interacted with says a great deal abou the person doing the name-calling… moreso than it does about those he is calling the name.

    And I completely agree – siding with jackasses such as the one behind Smoke and Thunder is never a good idea… Especially since you already have first-hand experience with the thriving and vibrant community already existing amongst the gunbloggers :).

    @ SGB: Again, this is definitely one of those situations where the jackass did most of the work to himself. My exploiting Google’s spyders… well, that is just knowledge on how the system works ;).

    @ TomioB: I completely sympathize with your position, but I would appreciate it if you were to refrain from employing such colorful language on my site :).

    Additionally, if you could be more forthcoming with the specifics of your situation, I would appreciate it – any information we can use against the administrator of “Smoke and Thunder” will unquestionably be useful.

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  • TomioB

    Please excuse me then, as I did not want to offend anyone. My anger over my experience cannot be expressed sometimes. Again I am not a frequent visitor here, but when trying to track the guy, I stumbled here, and wanted to warn anyone about this guy.

    My sincere apologies.

    Please do not feed into this person’s antics, and desperate cry for attention. My guess is that he is trying to make some money out of this. I was taken for a fool, and now cannot do anything about it.

  • @ John Hardin: Thanks for the update… seems the news is making the rounds :).

    @ TomioB: In that case, could you please share what all you did to help him, and what all the services were he wanted you to provide without payment? We are still attempting to determine who this person is, and why he is so very hateful against those of us who own firearms and write weblogs.

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