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not earning any points

The only thing worse than a company missing its agreed-upon, contractual delivery date is a company that repeatedly revises that delivery date, and misses every single one of those revisions.

This is going to be a very interesting review post… if I am ever able to write it.

4 comments to not earning any points

  • MAJ Mike

    I would add the company that doesn’t respond to e-mails, thus forcing me to play phone tag.

    The best and most responsive customer-oriented folks I’ve worked with are Cheaper-than-Dirt, Midway USA, and Brownell’s. These guys set the standard for the industry, any industry.

  • SGB

    Now I can’t wait to read the review.

  • BalloonGoesUp

    I am facing the issue about never getting a call back from 3 companies and my local PD right now. Arrrgh!

  • @ MAJ Mike: Oh, this company does not regularly respond to phone messages either, which is making me all kinds of happy as well.

    In fact, the only time I got a response to an email in what I would consider to be a timely fashion (<5 day turnaround) was when I mentioned that their constant foot-dragging would reflect poorly in the review post I was going to write. Funny, that.

    @ SGB: You and me both. Mostly because it would mean this is all done with :).

    @ BalloonGoesUp: CLEO sign-off?

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