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laws are for the little people

Oh, look, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence is intentionally violating a photographer’s copyright.

Color me surprised.

No, not really. "Gun control" extremist organizations have a longstanding history of violating copyrights in their unending crusade to demonize and dehumanize firearm owners and carriers, which bring us back to an interesting point that comes up time and time again: if you do not respect one individual right – such as the right to self-defense – you probably do not respect any of them.

My evidence for this observation? Well, as mentioned, anti-rights cultists obviously do not respect our individual, Constitutionally-protected rights to self-defense and self-preservation by the very nature of their positions and desires, so that rather goes without saying.

However, moving deeper, gun control organizations and supporters go to radical lengths to silence dissent, even going so far as to tell people with different opinions to "shut up". The rights protected by the Second Amendment were out the window from the get-go, but apparently those protected by the First are worth nothing to these people either.

And now, here they are, violating multiple people’s rights to intellectual property – specifically pictures they took or pictures of themselves – without so much as a by-your-leave or "Image courtesy of [x]".

Methinks I see a pattern developing.

And this is all without even touching on the gratuitous, vicious, and vindictive nature of the smear piece that contains the copyright violations… I would remind Ladd Everitt that the last time he embarked on a similar specious character-assassination campaign, he got the CSGV’s Twitter account locked down for over two weeks due to his inability to keep his stalkerish, abusive, bullying mentality in check… and that was without a copyright infringement to throw on the stack. One really does have to wonder why Michael K. Beard keeps Ladd on the payrolls, given how much of a hot-headed, frothing-at-the-mouth thug the latter is on a regular basis… Or, on the flip side (and purely speculatively), one has to wonder how threatened Michael feels by Ladd that he is concerned about letting him go…

Thankfully, Oleg Volk has already issued a DMCA take-down notification to Google, so hopefully the image will be struck shortly and the image is now gone from CSGV’s weblog post, but Emily Miller will likely always have to deal with having been targeted by a particularly hateful, spiteful, and borderline-violent "gun control" organization. Whilst that superficially seems like something of a downer, there is a silver lining to joining that distinguished club: we get to watch, first hand, as the CSGV abandons its stated mission, slowly collapses, and augers into the ground as it pursues its staff’s personal vendetta against those who disagree with them.

I shall not speak for Emily, but I can live with a few disgusting personal attacks levied against me if it means I get to watch the modern-day equivalent of the KKK crash and burn.

Speaking of Emily Miller, though, I, along with countless other prorights webloggers, would like to thank you for standing up in public and documenting the draconian nature of the current version of D.C.’s firearm laws. One can only hope your shining the harsh light of the truth on the situation will result in further successful legal challenges against D.C.’s idiocy.

9 comments to laws are for the little people

  • Thankfully, Oleg Volk has already issued a DMCA take-down notification to Google, so hopefully the image will be struck shortly . . .

    Actually, it looks as if Ladd has already had to take Oleg’s pic down. They’re still plundering Ms. Williams’ pic.

  • SGB

    Not shocked at all.

  • @ Kurt Hofmann: Ah, good to know. I have been pointedly not giving them traffic, so thanks for the update.

    Funny how the threat of legal / rule-based repercussions is the only way to convince Ladd to behave in a fashion that even approximates “socially acceptable”.

    @ SGB: No shocked face? So sad :(.

  • MAJ Mike

    The Lib-Cong believe that the ends justify the means. They believe that any action may be justified if they can achieve their goal of protecting us from ourselves. Because they believe that only certain people should have access to firearms, Emily Williams destroys their plan to make all of us dependent upon the Government.

    In the end, the Lib-Cong want Government to have a monopoly on violence and they will, of course, control the Government.

  • I’m not surprised, why should they obey ‘any’ laws, they sure as hell don’t tell the truth! And since Emily IS a public figure and employee of the WAPO, it will be interesting to see if THEY take any action…

  • RuffRidr

    Both the copyright infringement and the posting personal details of people without their permission violate Google’s terms of service for Blogspot. Has anyone pursued the avenue of getting Ladd’s blogspot account pulled recently? The various DMCA takedown notices should be more than enough evidence to do this.

  • @ MAJ Mike: And I think you just adequately summed up why there can be no “negotiations” or “middle ground” with “gun control” extremists – they do not want such a thing any more than we do.

    @ Old NFO: Hm, good point… And she is a pretty high ranking individual at the WT, so it would seem in their best interest to protect their employees.

    When playing with fire like this, it is only a matter of time until Ladd gets his little mitts burned but good.

    @ RuffRidr: Honestly, I have no idea if Google keeps a running tally of how many DMCA requests a specific blog has received (though I would imagine their lawyers would want them to), or how one would go about doing such a thing. It certainly does seem like they would want to rid themselves of this troublesome albatross involuntarily tied about their necks, though…

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