“Arms discourage and keep the invader and plunderer in awe, and preserve order in the world as well as property... Horrid mischief would ensue were the law-abiding deprived of the use of them.”
by Thomas Paine




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you cannot see me

… But if you could, you would see me getting more exercise in four hours than most "gun control" extremists get in a whole month.


Yup, that is me rocking the traditional Woodland camouflage BDUs complete with Boonie hat, sporting that A&K Masada I was dorking around with last week (unfortunately, said "upgrades" did not work quite as planned, and will require additional work this weekend). Blue Team had just retaken the Town Hall of Rock Ridge (obvious town hall is obvious) at Dead End Airsoft, and were in the progress of pushing the (simulated) North Korean forces out of the town. Oh, and this was after a couple of other guys and I realized that trying to push down the road to the town was a stupid idea, and executed an even stupider idea – going about half a mile out of our way, overland, through various gullies and ridges to get to the town "the back way". Due to the rain, I did not have my Runkeeper-equipped phone with me, but I can guarantee it was a workout.

Once you get past the "is game, is not real" aspect of airsoft, it really does have a lot of promise. It gets you out of your couch/chair/house and moving around, sometimes somewhat rapidly; it really is basically live-action MoH/MW/etc., only with fewer explosions; it teaches you teamwork, squad tactics, and all the rest of that; it hones your reactions and responses; and, possibly best of all, it serves as a "gateway" on to "real steel" firearms, and all of the goodness that comes from those. And, of course, the good news is that a significant fraction of the gear you purchase for airsoft (assuming you get decent quality stuff) will translate right over to firearms – the simulation rifles use the same exact Picatinny rails, the same exact dimensions (for the most part), the same shape magazines, etc. etc. etc.

Oh, and old or not, Woodland camouflage still works just fine… in the right environment. While Red Team was still holding the town, I very slowly made my way down the hill you see behind me, and literally sat right at the edge of the field and the trees for about 2-3 minutes waiting for a good window to do something really stupid. I swear the occupiers looked right at me, but they never saw me. And do not even get me started on those folks in ghillie suits…

6 comments to you cannot see me

  • That’s pretty much the reason I play, too. Airsoft lets me practice being a sneaky sneak, with very active feedback when I screw up. That, and it’s good times with the boys, which is always a plus.

  • Bingo. And said ‘active feedback’ still allows you the opportunity to learn from those mistakes, rather than in ‘real world’ scenarios…

  • Secret Squirrel

    Hmm…maybe I should look into teams and places to shoot around here. Any suggestions for jumping-off points?

  • Ted N

    What do you use for eyepro?

    Soon to be out of debt, could use some new toys to go with the paintball setup. 😀

  • Gareth A

    “..it really is basically live-action MoH/MW/etc., only with fewer explosions…”

    Depends on where you play. Section 8 here in Scotland has a licenced pyrotechnician who does the occasional fun trick.

    Not to mention it’s the closest we get to real pistols ouside of Section 5 permits 🙁

  • @ Secret Squirrel: Not sure where you hail from, but “[location] airsoft” is a good start – most states seem to have some kind of forum, but a lot of fields keep themselves quiet just to minimize attention to them (especially in “hostile” territory). I lucked out and discovered my place through a fellow kung fu student.

    That said…



    But the place I go to is on neither of those ;).

    @ Ted N: ESS Advancer V-12s. Thought the whole “snap-open” thing would help with fogging, and it does, but give them enough time, and they still fog up something fierce. The hardcore guys recommend Bitter End for just that reason, but I am not sure about the whole “punched metal” thing.

    @ Gareth A: Not worth living in once-Great Britain, but that is pretty awesome ;). Best we manage is store-bought smoke bombs and easter-egg grenades.