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Make it a phone and I’ll buy one.

No, really:

Smartphones are constantly getting better at imitating compact cameras, but so far we haven’t seen many cameras that attempt to mimic smartphones. That changes today with the Polaroid SC1630 Smart Camera, a 16-megapixel compact camera unveiled at CES. It’s a point-and-shoot camera that’s pretty much a smartphone without the phone. Powered by Android, the camera features a 3x (36-108mmm) optical zoom lens, a 3.2-inch touchscreen, Wi-Fi connectivity, 720p video recording, and geotagging. The Android OS means that users can install and use Android Market apps on the camera (e.g. Instagram once it becomes available). It’ll be available starting in April for $300.

I might hold out for a different/better brand than Polaroid, and “16 megapixels” does not necessarily mean anything when those sensors are stacked on top of each other like tribbles, and a 6.5mm lens (am I reading that right?) is freakishly small for point-and-shoots these days, but, yeah, include actual “phone” functionalities in that device, and I will be interested.

As it is, people have largely stopped carrying around point-and-shoots in favor of those strange little devices that can take pictures and make phone calls… slapping a phone’s OS into a camera will not really change that equation significantly.

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  1. Yeah since it lacks the phone part I’d still need to carry two devices. Considering how small decent cameras with optical zoom can be (relatively speaking), smart phones wouldn’t have to be that big to do both. I don’t necessarily need a paper thin smart phone like what they’ve been trending towards lately. As it is now, I’d rather it be a little chubbier and have the room for a larger battery.

  2. As it is, people have largely stopped carrying around point-and-shoots in favor of those strange little devices that can take pictures and make phone calls…

    And what devices might those be? I only see them thinghies they take pics with and text and update their Facebook status or Tweet. But talking into them small boxes?

  3. @ Pyrotek85: My priorities when it comes to phone are “survivability” and “battery”, and the former can be an addition by way of a strong case, as my current Incredible is wearing. Unfortunately, tossing in an extending zoom lens will kill the “survivability” part, but it might be worth it, depending on how it all works out.

    @ SGB: I remember my mother giving me change for calls…

    @ MAJ Mike: Yes, well, some of us have other hobbies too ;).

    @ Miguel: Seems to have gone out of style, has it not? They warned us that the telephone would create artificial separations between people… 😉

  4. @ Linoge:

    I’m honestly kind of surprised they don’t make many tough or so called ‘mil-spec’ smart phones that can take a beating. Make it big, fat and ugly with a large battery and I’d get it, just don’t force me to use a ‘dumb’ phone.

  5. They do – Casio makes the G’Zone series of phones, including one Android-powered model, the Commando, which supposedly meets the requirements of MIL-STD 512, 506, and others. Unfortunately, all of the reviews indicate that it is not a terribly good phone, with unresponsive screen, limited battery life, and hobbled processor being the prime concerns. Oh, and it is on Verizon, which sucks in its own special way.

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