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#sotu alpha strike

Pissed off about the complete and utter Charlie Foxtrot that is Operation Fast and Furious / GunWalker / Gunrunner / etc.

Think it is well past time for our politicians to step up, answer questions, and take responsibility for their actions, whatever they might be? 

Well, this probably will not do anything to help either of those problems, but it might, and it costs you nothing (so long as you have a Twitter account), so give it a shot – apparently Presidential Advisors will be sitting down at their computers after the State of the Union address tonight to answer questions from various social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc., and Sean has assembled a list of questions from Bob Owens complete with the quick-and-easy post-directly-to-Twitter HTML magic, as quoted below: 

Who came up with the idea of allowing guns to be purchased by straw purchasers and then “walked” across the border by smugglers?

Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Justice?

Who authorized Operation Fast and Furious in the Department of Homeland Security?

Is Operation Fast and Furious the only operation of its type, or were there similar operations in other states as evidence suggests?

What did Barack Obama, Eric Holder, and Janet Napolitano know about Operation Fast and Furious, and when did they know it?

Just click on those links, press the “Tweet” button, and the question will show up happily in your stream, complete with the prerequisite “#SOTU” hashtag. 

I sincerely doubt that either Our Glorious President or any of his pet minions have the spine necessary to adequately address this abject failure on their part, nor the murders that resulted from it, but you can’t stop the signal, and the more people who see these questions as they watch the hashtag scroll by, the more people will question the administration about it in the future.  We can only hope, and know, that this will spread. 

4 comments to #sotu alpha strike

  • Twitter will only let you submit each comment once-a few character changes lets you tweet each question multiple times. I know they won’t comment on it, but hopefully it causes a little heartburn.

  • You can, I think, also retweet other people saying the same thing you did. Maybe.

  • Thanks for the link, the assist, and the retweets.

    Now we just need to get some real answers.

  • You and I both know that is never going to happen. For frak’s sake, Our Glorious President has not released a budget on time ever. That, alone, should have him removed from office for negligence in his official duties, but no one seems to care.

    Just like no one seems to care about the hundreds of Mexicans and at least two Americans murdered by firearms his administration forced across the border.

    I am not sure what our country is coming to, but it is not going to be pretty.