first-hand home-invasion

Defensive gun uses never happen, right?

Most defensive gun uses are just made-up stories, right?

Defensive gun uses only "count" if the criminal is shot/wounded/killed, right?

Home invasions never happen, right?

Just confronting a criminal is enough to stop him, even if you are unarmed, right?

You would never need to carry a firearm at home, right?

Only highly-trained people can effectively use a firearm, right?

If you call the police, they will be there in time to "save" you, right?

If you are a "gun control" extremist, you probably believe in all of those myths, and even some more that I cannot think of off the top of my head at the moment. For those of us who live in reality, though, we know otherwise:

This is going to be a long entry because I’d like to share most of the details. Short version: Cee shot at a home invader, missed, but successfully convinced him to run like hell.

Really, the story is not that long (at least not compared to some of my posts), and it would do you well to read it all for yourself, if only to see how the above myths are successfully dispelled once the harsh light of day is shone up on them. Crime does happen. Crime happens anywhere. And crime happens at any time. The only question is whether or not you are physically equipped and mentally prepared for dealing with those who would do harm to you and your family, and, thankfully, Cee definitely was, on both counts.

Some fellow pro-rights webloggers have discussed other takes on this particular incident here, here, and here, but I want to stress one common point: while training could have improved the situation (in that the home-invading thug’s recidivism rate would have precipitously dropped to "zero"), it absolutely should not be mandatory for the exercise of such a basic individual right as "self-defense". Despite only having a passing familiarity with the firearm in question, Cee was able to safely and effectively defend herself, her family, and her home… which is kind of the whole point of the Second Amendment to begin with.

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  1. I did indeed, but with everyone else covering it, I may or may not post about it. Regardless, the woman deserves credit for keeping herself and her baby safe, and the home-invading scumbags… well, they appear to have gotten what they deserved.

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