you want to know what ‘situational awareness’ is?

This is situational awareness (apologies for the brief deviation from the generally PG-13 rating of this site):


So Han’s walking down the halls of Bespin with his old friend Lando. Leia’s there, and lookin’ good. Han thinks he’s off to dinner – maybe some wine, a little flirting, and then back to the ol’ guest quarters with Her Hotness.

But the door opens, and there’s Darth Vader.

Han doesn’t look incredulously at Lando; he doesn’t duck or run away.

What does Han do?

He starts shooting at the motherf***er.

He starts shooting.

Be like Han.

Fictional or not, that man’s OODA Loop consists of a point.

(Also, if you somehow made it this far in life without seeing the scene in question:


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14 thoughts on “you want to know what ‘situational awareness’ is?”

  1. That’s because Han shot first and a great quote by Han “ancient weapons and hokey religions are no substitute for a good blaster on your side kid”

  2. Han Solo is remarkable in this regard throughout the storyline. Stormtroopers got you on the run? Scream in a bloodcurdling manner and chase them, they won’t expect that. Luke Skywalker in over his head and probably dying (again? geez…) of hypothermia? Make the decision and go out after him. Tauntaun dies? Looks like a warm place to stash an idiot friend for a while. Whole base is a trap geared for your destruction? Stay flexible, and trap them right back. He’s the only character in the series that actually pulls the trigger on Vader, and he does it more than once. Be like Han, indeed…

  3. If I ever start up an interstellar shipping consortium, I would want Han running the fast shipping and Malcolm Reynolds running the slow loops.

  4. @ Lokidude: There is no such thing as “overkill”. There is “open fire” and “reload”.

    Something tells me Han and Schlock would have gotten along famously.

    @ Siddhartha: As I said elsewhere, I really need to rewatch those movies again, because I think their impact on an impressionable youth was somewhat… significant.

    @ jetaz: As Wolfman says, it seems to be a consistent character trait.

    @ Wolfman: On the flip side, there is also “try blasting your way out of a magnetically shielded trash compactor” thing, which is also indicative of a point-sized OODA loop, but one that was operating on a dearth of information…

    Speaking of, why the hell would you overengineer a trash compactor to that point?

    @ bluesun: Eh, I just would want to put them in the same room. Either the conversation or the fight would be epic.

  5. “why the hell would you overengineer a trash compactor to that point?”

    You never know what (highly explosive) crap people are going to throw down the disposal chute…

  6. Either the conversation or the fight would be epic.

    I think both would be epic. And I don’t think that’s necessarily an “either/or” scenario.

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