you will not occupy my site

I really thought my days of writing posts like this were at a close, what with my commenting policy being obviously published at the top of every page and underneath every single commenting form, but apparently some Occupy $Location facilitators are illiterate in addition to be irreverent, impolite, and inconsiderate.  As such, it is time to clear up a few points. 

Point the First: This weblog is private property.  I rent this space from Dreamhost, and, as such, my word is final within the confines of this domain, the law, and the user policies of Dreamhost.  If you do not like that, you are more than welcome to pay for your own hosting and website and rail against me there. 

Point the Second:  I do not have have to accept comments.  Any comments.  Of course, by and large, I do, but I am well within my rights, my abilities as the owner of this domain, and my abilities as the administrator of this site, to delete or simply not publish whichever and any comment I so desire, for any reason I so desire.  Again, if you do not like it, get your own site. 

Point the Third:  If you comment here, you will abide by the terms I have spelled out.  Just as you are expected to follow certain standards of behavior on any one else’s private property, so too are you expected to abide by rules here, or you will be evicted.  Those rules are not hard, and amongst them include: refraining from excessive profanity, refraining from non-stop personal attacks, refraining from spurious allegations/innuendo/etc., and so forth; however, agreement with me or any commenters is not one such rule – I have not deleted/moderated a comment simply because the commenter disagreed with me, nor will I ever.  Like I said, the standard is not high, so it should not be hard to meet.  If you do not like it, go somewhere else. 

Point the Fourth:  If you do not abide by the terms, your comment will be marked as spam.  Why is this important?  I use Akismet, which will take note of your email address, username, IP address, and comment content, and store it away for future reference.  The more times that happens in the future, the more likely your comments will be automatically marked as spam, and automatically dealt with accordingly.  Consider that my small effort for improving the signal-to-noise ratio on the cortex. 

Point the Fifth:  You cannot guilt-trip someone who is doing the right thing.  It just does not work. 

So there we go.  If you have an honest difference of opinions, bring it to the table and let us see what we have.  If all you can do is leave one-line comments repeatedly calling me a f**ker, do try not to act like a petulant brat when I evict you from your attempted “occupy” of my site. 

6 thoughts on “you will not occupy my site”

  1. As the man said, “Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle.” That pretty much sums up my whole feeling about the #occupy “movement.”

  2. Indeed. It appears that, like most leftist causes, the most important requirement of any OWS statement is that it makes a rhyming, rhythmic chant. Actual intelligence, rationality, or basis in fact is strictly secondary.

  3. Repelling boarders are we?
    They are really quite adept at name calling, verbal assault and profanity..
    But when you cannot really carry on a discussion with facts and evidence…you fall back on what you do best….and they are proving that quite well!!!

  4. Perhaps a better policy would be to censor the profanity and name calling and such. If that leaves, well, nothing, then that neatly illustrates your point, and gives the rest of us something to laugh at.

  5. @ jetaz: Heh, it is amazing how often that quote is useful…

    @ GMC70: “Mob mentality”, at its finest – no explainable plan, no specific goal, just the desire to be “part of something” and tear down those people over you. In other words, Rand’s “Looter” archetype made flesh.

    Bit disturbing, that.

    @ maddmedic: Just the one, and he was a pretty sorry example at that – every last one of his comments basically boiled down to “SCREW YOU!”

    In reality, this post was just a cheap-and-easy way of putting something up yesterday ;).

    @ John Hardin: Yeah, that might be better, except for one small detail – I am lazy. That would require me to go through these people’s drivel and decide if any of it is actually worth keeping, and when compared to simply pushing a single button and watching it vaporize… well…

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