“He was crowdin' me, and I don't know him. I hit people that crowd me I don't know.”
by Jayne Cobb




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with a voice like that

In the place of any meaningful writing on my part, I instead give you this video, courtesy of Erin

Superficially, this public service announcement might appear to be anti-gun, and, I admit, the phrasing does lead one to that conclusion rather forcefully; however, consider this quote from Lucius Annaeus Seneca: 

Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.

Or, in a language I can understand: 

A sword is never a killer; it is a tool in the killer’s hands.

Y’see, Mr. Jackson was not talking to us – the law-abiding, responsible, respectful, reasonable gun owners of America.  Instead, he made himself pretty clear; he was specifically addressing the type of person who would have a child bleeding out at his feet because the kid would not “respect his authority” – the thugs, the gangbangers, the criminals.  Those are the people who need to put down the firearms, take responsibility for their lives and their actions, and, as he says, break the cycle of violence that runs rampant throughout those societies. 

The firearms are not the problem; they are simply a tool by which a violent person perpetrates the problem.  But for those violent people, putting down that firearm is a damned good start for stopping that violence. 

… Or they could follow the counsel of “gun control” extremists, and blame everyone and everything (including the non-sentient, inorganic, un-self-aware, immobile, hunk-o-metal firearm in their hands) for their own actions except themselves.  That has been working out really well so far. 

(On a somewhat related note, did Mr. Jackson have a stroke, or has his left eye always been like that?) 

(And Thirdpower beat me to it. Oh well.)

4 comments to with a voice like that

  • He may have beaten you to it, but yours was bigger and had better commentary. 🙂

  • I see the “Put Down The Gun” in this as a very context-based term, like “Stay Away From Drugs”. Obviously they don’t mean the Ibuprofen I take when I have a headache, they don’t mean the seizure medicine my wife takes, and while they DO mean Oxycontin taken by somebody looking to get high, they don’t mean Oxycontin taken by somebody recovering from major surgery.

    The people he’s talking to SHOULD put down the gun….we should carry our guns for those who won’t listen.

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  • @ Erin Palette: Size matters, baby!

    … Wait…

    @ Weer’d Beard: Prexactly. We have no “cycle” to break, no bodies bleeding out at our feet, no violent demands for respect. We are not the people he was talking to.

    Of course, the people he was talking to will not listen…